We invite you to revisit a time when dressing up was de rigeur; gents add a jacket, ladies you know what to do. Just a simple request on our part to set the mood.

Todd Thrasher

General Manager, Bartender, Partner

True to the slogan, “Virginia is for Lovers,” Todd Thrasher, a native Virginian, is a lover of many things—scuba diving, Bonaire, playing golf; cooking; but most importantly, his love for the creation of the perfect artisan cocktail and his knowledge of wine.

“I strive to do things differently. I want our guests to remember what they drank just as much as what they ate – I want them to experience it the way I do,”

His specialty cocktails and creations have been applauded by many, including Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema:

“Sipping “Peaches and Herb” through a thin metal straw, I’m reminded that sommelier Todd Thrasher is also one of the best mixologists anywhere.”

Thrasher is also partner in Eamonn’s A Dublin Chipper, and Society Fair, all located in Old Town Alexandria.

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