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Sometimes you just need a drink.At Bar Px, we give you a prescription for the best bars in your city. So you can spend more time drinking and less time searching for bars around you.

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At Bar Px, our goal is to help you find the best nightlife options near you quickly. We’ve helped thousands of drunks just like you … sorry, err, we mean “readers” just like you … find their way to the best bars, speakeasies, tiki bars, and watering holes near them. Check out some of our most popular articles to get started:

Best Bars in the USA

When you’re a few drinks deep and trying to find the best bars near you, the last thing you want to do is spend all searching for a bar only to end up calling it a night because you couldn’t find a good one. Next time you’re looking for places to drink, just check out our cities guides to the best bars in these cities around the USA:

Best Tiki Bars in the USA

We could all use a Hawaiian vacation right about now right? But, if you can’t away for an actual trip to the beach, try grabbing a few libations at your nearest tiki bar. We’re huge fans of tiki bars, so we’ve made it our mission to catalogue the best tiki bars around the country:

Beer, Wine, and Liquor Essentials

If you run a bar, or if you are just such a raging drunk that you like to have your own bar at home, there are a few essential items you need to make it work. We’ve reviewed some of the best bar products out there – from ice cube trays to bartending shoes to wine tumblers – so that you can easily find the best accessories to compliment your love of bars.

Spirits, Libations, and Recipes

If you need help learning how to make your favorite drinks from the bar, check out our recipes and pairing guides. We’ll help you whip up all sorts of popular bar drinks, from Cognac to non-alcoholic beers. Oh, and if you get hungry, we’ll also help you know what food to pair it all with. Check out all our guides: