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Bar Px is an online guide to the best bars in the United States. At Bar Px, we know your time is precious, and that you want to spend more time drinking and less time searching. So we compare and review the best bars in cities around the country to help you plan your weekend better.

Get started by reading our latest guides to the best bars, the best bar accessories, and the best spirits and recipes for making your own drinks at home.

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Ren, and Author at Bar Px

Ren is the Editorial Director here at BARPX. She loves writing, running, hanging out, and enjoying her free time with friends and family. Ren is an expert on the best bars from lots of experience going to bars 🙂

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Meg is a content writer for BarPx. Meg’s favorite liquid refreshment besides water & coconut water (hehe) is probably some light vodka drinks, and maybe a little bit of beer. Despite having a relatively low alcohol tolerance, loves exploring the best bars wherever she is on her travels around the world.

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Wyn is a nightlife freelance writer at Bar Px. Her favorite drink is tequila, and she loves drinking and going out to bars with her friends from time to time.

Editorial Guidelines

We strive our best to keep our best bar guides as up-to-date as possible. We cover a lot of cities in the United States and information around openings, closings, and restrictions is quickly changing these days. If you notice any information in our guides that could use an update, please get in touch with the Bar Px team.

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