Best Bars in Philadelphia (My sweet, sweet Philly!)

Best Bars in Philadelphia

Philadelphia or “Philly” is the fifth-largest city in the U.S & is home to so many great things. Like for instance, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the cheesesteaks, their theater & museums, and really, a lot more than you can Google about.

Not only that but oh, Philly is known for its iconic drinks & liquors, too.

Which leads us to today’s article about some bars & night time places if you happen to want a drink or two.

Here we’ve picked out some top Tiki bars & pubs you can check out while you’re in the vicinity. I suppose you’ve clicked on this article for the sole purpose of finding the best ones. Right?

1. Charlie Was a Sinner

For small bites & strong punches!

The place that’s got everything a famished or thirsty person is pining for! 

Starting from the coffee & tea, meals, desserts, snacks, to beers, wines, strong punches, and literally anything you can think of as “finest” or “yummy!”.

Charlie Was a Sinner offers outdoor seating, deliveries, takeout, curbside pickup, or sit-down dining. 

In light of recent events, the place & the management ensure that everything is being followed for the safety of both the business & the diners.

They’re serving every day of the week from 12 PM. If you happen to be near the area, you can check them out with the following details:

131 S 13th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
United States
(267) 758-5372

2. Loco Pez

A Mexican restaurant that will make you go loco!

Loco Pez is a bar open 7 days a week. They specialize in West Coast taco-truck food & fresh tequila cocktails and the kitchen stays until 1 AM for late-night food & drink cravings!

They have an array of the menu from brunch, lunch till dinner that will totally make you tense & starved by just the look of it.

I suggest booking the place if you crave something savory, you know, they could hook you up for some full-on Mexican cuisine experience. 😉

Oh, and did I mention they do “$1 Taco Days”, too? I haven’t yet? Well, time for you to break the tension. Check them out using the deets below! 🙂

700 S 20th St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
United States
(215) 644-8080

3. Germantown Garden

For bottomless mimosas, specialty drinks & food made from scratch!

If you want some garden feeling while sipping on your mimosa, this place would be perfect for you & your boo.

Germantown Garden is an outdoor seating bar located in Germantown (but of course) that is just totally ideal given the social distancing and all. They keep the tables at a safe distance apart so people can have a nice time without being anxious about the Covid whatsoever!

They’re open from 3 PM starting Tuesdays, and they have delivery & takeout, too! Check their menu here:

1029 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19123
United States
(267) 214-0086

4. Underground Arts

Punkz Not Dead!

Damnnn, as a person who was in a band for years & as a music lover, this place would be the top of my list! It is a music bar for emerging local artists and people who love punk/rock music!

Of course, there are booze & food, but the main attraction here would be the performers who put their hearts & souls into their music & into performing every single night. 

If you want some silent & solemn nights, well, don’t go here, dork. There are other places out there (on this list, of course) that will be perfect for your liking.

1200 Callowhill St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
United States
(215) 627-1332

5. Distrito

A hip, modern “Mexican-tina” with pink walls & a karaoke room!

The one & only perfect place for karaoke nights with your buddies!

They offer a wide variety of menu for everything Mexican [cuisines] alongside drinks like margaritas & wines. Of course, there are non-alcoholic ones too, for the minors.

If you want to come by the district, feel free to contact them through the details below! 🙂

3945 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104
United States
(215) 222-1657

6. North Bowl

Bowling nights, you say?

A 17-lane retro-chic bowling alley that serves cocktails, local beers, corn dogs, and tater tots!

They had me at tater tots. LOL. Kidding aside, North Bowl has made quite the name around the area– a huge name, to be precise.

People have been coming back to bowl, have a casual dinner with friends, grab a drink, and get this, the place even does hosting for events. So, really, they’ve got it all in North Bowl. 

In order to reserve yourself a spot for the bowling line, you must do it online, to which I will link you below, otherwise, you wouldn’t get to experience the most of the place.

909 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19123
United States
(215) 238-2695

7. The Ranstead Room

A hidden gem [spot]– LITERALLY!

Yup, it is hidden, all right. But, once you get in, you can never go back– or home?

Either way, people have been going gaga over this place they all call a “hidden treasure” of Philly. Say it’s difficult to find the exact spot, but once you finally know how to get in, you will, for sure, keep coming back.

On the outside, it’s just a plain door that looks like you’re about to be led to some tussle. But don’t get fooled just yet… once you’re in, you will be astounded by the interior of the place as to which what I refer to as the epitome of “authenticity”. There, I blurted it out.

Kill your curiosity already. Go & find the place!

2013 Ranstead St
Philadelphia, PA 19103
United States
(215) 563-3330

8. Bud & Marilyn’s

A retro bar with an updated American classics & comfort food!

Bud & Marilyn’s is just another retro-themed bar that offers American comfort dishes. 

The place has a rather nice & rustic vibe that matches the food and well, the drinks. Of course, they abide by the social distancing rules and has outdoor seating.

The eclectic menu is one of the things you should watch out for if you plan to dine in, or better yet, look them up on the internet first before riding your way there, that way, you could save up a little time. Just a suggestion, though.

1234 Locust St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
United States
(215) 546-2220

9. R&D Philly

Chic bar serving classic & innovative cocktails alongside creative small dishes!

Yet another award-winning cocktail bar located in Frankford, Philly! 

R&D is THE perfect place if you want something to end your day with a smile!

Cocktail lovers in Philly can attest to how legit the place and the service is. Reviews on Yelp don’t lie, y’all!

Visit them on Monday to Saturday from 5:30 PM till 1 AM if you want to know more. The interior & decors are poppin’, too! It’s an overall ideal setting for some alone or “me” time.

1206 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125
United States
(215) 515-3452

10. Three Monkeys Cafe

Monkey-themed bar serving American food & drinks in vintage rooms & on the spacious outdoor patio!

Started in 2005, Three Monkeys cafe has been serving a wide array of craft brews, cocktails, and gastropubs. 

They offer a unique atmosphere with three distinct dining experiences. The place itself looks old-school, but the food and the service they provide, oh, plus the cocktails are to-die-for!

Apart from that, 3 Monkeys is one of the few places in the Northeast that offer al fresco dining (outdoor seating). Huh, gotcha!

But really, have a look!

9645 James St
Philadelphia, PA 19114,
United States
(215) 637-6665

Finding someplace you can spend your lazy nights has gotten harder these days. Maybe it’s the Corona? But either way, these places I have listed for you are all worth paying a quick visit for a drink or two. Let me know how it goes! 🙂