19 Best Bars in San Jose (Where to Drink Right Now)

Best Bars in San Jose

San Jose is the cultural hub of Silicon Valley and the largest city in Northern California. San Jose really is a Global city for its exuberance, affluence and thriving economy. San Jose has an eclectic selection of bars and you will definitely find one that suits you perfectly. Whether you like cocktails or beer, there are plenty of pretty dope pubs that offer a nice selection that will make your day! Check out as many as possible from this list of some of the best bars in San Jose.

19 Best San Jose Bars

Firehouse No.1 Gastropub

View of alcoholic drink on a copper mug

πŸ“ Address: 69 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95110 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 287-6969
πŸ• Hours: 4:30 pm – 10 pm Tue-Sat, Closed on Mon & Sun

This bar is located in Downtown, San Jose in San Pedro Square. They offer hand-made cocktails, craft beers and superb wines. The bar food here is beyond the typical bar food you find in other places. Whether it’s pork belly sliders, house-made burgers or Southers Fried chicken you cannot go wrong with any dish here!

Everyone who’s ever been here swears by the bone marrow. It is succulent, flavorful and absolutely delicious. Try it out when you visit! The atmosphere is classy, casual and they have outdoor seating options.

Paper Plane

View of a cocktail with coffee beans on the table and Christmas decoration

πŸ“ Address: 72 S First St, San Jose, CA 95113 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 713-2625
πŸ• Hours: 5 pm – 12 am Sun & Wed, 5 pm – 2 am Thurs-Sat, Closed on Mon & Tue

Paper Plane is popular for its cocktails. They strive to preserve the craft of cocktail making through meticulous preparation and technique. No wonder their craft cocktails are the finest in the South bay. Apart from cocktails, they also have a nice little selection of beer and wine. The drink menu is offered on rotation.

The atmosphere is relaxed, trendy and lively. Their menu is interesting with a nifty grid from which you can figure out which drink will appeal to you. There are cocktails for the adventurous and bold. But if you are looking for something that is easy to sip and is comforting, they have that too. It’s so dope! The bartenders are super talented and know how to put a great craft cocktail together.

San Pedro Square Market

View of the San Pedro Square Market entrance arch on San Jose
(photo: Sundry Photography / Shutterstock)

πŸ“ Address: 87 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95110 (Google Maps)
πŸ• Hours: 11 am – 8:45 Mon & Tue, 11 am – 9:45 pm Wed & Thurs, 11 am – 11:45 pm Fri & Sat, 10 am – 9:45 pm Sun

This market is located in the heart of Downtown San Jose and there are over 20 vendors offering the best of food, drinks and shopping. You can check out the signature cocktail at the handcrafted market bar or a craft bomber at the Market Beer Co if beer is more your thing. There are plenty of food options as well, from sandwiches, sushi, pizza to burgers and spuds.

There are plenty of outdoor seatings and it is kiddo and dog-friendly too. It is definitely a great place to gather with your family or friends. Enjoy the live music, ranging from 70s tunes to indie rock, that is on play from Thursday to Saturday as you chill.

La Catalana

View of different kind of wines

πŸ“ Address: 3720 N 1st St UNIT 10, San Jose, CA 95134 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 324-1321
πŸ• Hours: 4 pm – 9 pm Tue-Thurs, 4 pm – 10 pm Fri & Sat, Closed on Mon & Sun

Dining and drinking here, you will be transported right to a Spanish-Catalan environment through their Spanish wines and culinary creations. La Catalana is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and is a great place for romantic dinners, private parties and business gatherings.

The atmosphere is classy, casual and they have outdoor seating options too. Apart from Spanish wine, they have an exclusive selection of beer too. They have live music as well which is very enjoyable. The service is outstanding and the waitstaff is super friendly and attentive.

55 South

πŸ“ Address: 55 S First St, San Jose, CA 95113 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 288-6000
πŸ• Hours: 4 pm – 12 am Wed-Thurs & Sun, 4 pm – 2 am Fri & Sat, Closed on Mon & Sun

55 South offers high-quality handcrafted cocktails and houses one of the largest whiskey selections in the Bay Area. They also have half a dozen beers on tap. The dozen craft cocktails and the extensive whiskey selection will satisfy any palate!

Outdoor seatings here are amazing with rustic lighting and a great spot to chill as you wait for your order. The service is timely, prompt and friendly. Have a friend visiting town and looking for a cool place to head to? Then 55 South is the ideal bar for that.

O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub

View of different kind of craft beers

πŸ“ Address: 25 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95110 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 947-8007
πŸ• Hours: 12 pm – 2 am Mon-Fri, 11 am – 2 am Sat, 9 am – 2 am Sun

This Irish Pub is located on the historic San Pedro Square in the cultural heart of Downtown San Jose. They house some of the best Irish beer and also offer a fine selection of beers from around the world. There have 54 beer taps stocking American and imported craft beer.

If cocktails are more your thing, they have a good selection of craft cocktails as well. Not to mention, some of the best whiskeys from around the globe. From ciders, lagers and ales to IPAs and stouts, there are beers for every taste! There are a couple of white and red wines too to pair with the food.

The ambience is classy, casual and they have outdoor seating options too. They have plenty of Tv’s so you can come here to catch the game and have a beer. The waitstaff is friendly and courteous and they have live music which is always on point.


View of a alcoholic drink on a copper mug on a bar

πŸ“ Address: 43 W San Salvador St, San Jose, CA 95113 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 792-7356
πŸ• Hours: 5 pm – 10 pm Wed-Thurs & Sun, 5 pm – 12 am Fri & Sat, Closed on Mon & Tue

Haberdasher specializes in craft cocktails in an intimate, basement atmosphere. They have a dozen selection of beers along with some whiskeys on the flight. You don’t order cocktails here off a menu. The trained and professional bartenders will figure out your preferences and then whip up a cocktail to suit your taste. And they will get it spot on!

Comfy, plush couches and dim lighting add to the modern speakeasy vibes of this place. If you want sophisticated, vintage jazzy vibes away from all the noise, head over to Haberdasher!

Trials Pub

πŸ“ Address: 265 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 947-0497
πŸ• Hours: 5 pm – 12 am Tue-Fri, 5 pm – 2 am Sat, Closed on Mon & Sun

Trial Pub offers a full selection of beer, wine and spirits. This authentic British Pub also serves some of the best fish and chips in Jane Jose. The curry is not that far behind either! The building on which it is situated dates back to 1894 and is one of the most interesting Victorian buildings in the heart of Silicon Valley. The interior is warm and inviting, with old Victorian style wallpaper, woodwork and fireplace mantle.

The atmosphere is classy, casual with outdoor seatings. There are no TVs here so this is not your typical sports bar. They do have some board games, however, for your entertainment.

Hop & Vine (formerly Wine Affairs)

View of alcoholic drinks on a bar with a skull

πŸ“ Address: 1435 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 977-0111
πŸ• Hours: 4 pm – 9 pm Tue & Wed, 4 pm – 10 pm Thurs, 3 pm – 11 pm Fri & Sat, 2 pm – 9 pm Sun, Closed on Mon

Hop & Vine is a lovely place to check out after work or gather with your loved ones and enjoy craft beers that are hard to find elsewhere and some unique selection of wines. The building has been around since 1928 and what was once a book store was refurbished into a bike shop and today it has taken the avatar of a cozy wine bar.

Apart from local wines, they serve international wines too. There are more than 20 wines by the glass and 18 beers on tap. The ambience is relaxing and cozy – a nice blend of casual and upscale. The food is incredible too. This is a great spot for a date night or a night out with friends.

Vintage Wine Bar

View of wine bottles on a wooden shelf in a bar

πŸ“ Address: 368 Santana Row, San Jose, CA 95128 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 985-9463
πŸ• Hours: 11:30 am – 9 pm Mon-Sun

Vintage Wine Bar has great wine selections, wonderful European style ambience and attentive and friendly service. From San Jose to Scotland and Asia- they stock wines from the world over. The atmosphere is beautiful with patio seating and cute overhead lighting. The wine selection is complemented by 4-5 craft beers on the menu.

They allow pups so take your pawed friends along. The wait staff is polite, pleasant and hospitable. The ambience is classy, casual and relaxed. Drop-in here after your shopping bout and relax for as long as you please with a wine or a beer and some delectable bites to go with it!

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Uproar Brewing Company

πŸ“ Address: 439 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 673-2266
πŸ• Hours: 4 pm – 11 pm Thurs-Sun, Close on Mon-Wed

This brewing company is located in Downtown, San Jose and it is a nice, spacious space with

plenty of seating arrangements. Thursday is the day to check out their burgers because it is Burger Thursday or as they call it, Thurger Bursday when they offer 50% off their delicious burgers.

The ambience is cool and laid back and they serve an extensive selection of original brews. They are big on IPAs but there are decent selections of other beers as well like cider, lager, Saison and stout. They have 15 beers on tap. The beer-battered fries are simply delicious and go great with the IPAs. Try it already! It is truly a great place for good food, good beer and to play some foosball if you are up to it!

Hapa’s Brewing Company

View of beer taps in a bar

πŸ“ Address: 460 Lincoln Ave #90, San Jose, CA 95126 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 982-3299
πŸ• Hours: 4 pm – 9 pm Tue-Thurs, 3 pm – 9 pm Fri, 11 am – 9 pm Sat, 12 pm – 8 pm Sun, Closed on Mon

Hands down some of the most delicious craft beer in the South Bay region! An endless rotating tap of beers will keep the beer lovers happy! The patio seatings are a great place to enjoy a pint with family or friends. They are kiddo and dog friendly too.

The place is cool with a barn or warehouse vibe which is super hipster and artsy too. You can play board games like Scrabble, Uno and Yahtzee at your table and the corn hole at the side is a popular attraction. Enjoy from a dozen selection of beers like Barbie’s blond which is an ale or the Hangry Hippo which is sour. Or try out one of the IPAs. You cannot go wrong!


πŸ“ Address: 48 S First St, San Jose, CA 95113 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 287-7199
πŸ• Hours: 6:30 pm – 11 pm Thurs, 6:30 pm – 12 am Fri & Sat, 4 pm – 9 pm Sat, Closed on Mon-Wed

Nomikai, from the Japanese culture, is a fun place for family and friends to socialize and have fun. They offer premium Japanese sake, craft spirits, beer and wine in a fun, relaxed and warm atmosphere. The food is Asian-inspired and delicious. Particularly the fusion pizza. Yum!

This place is good for any special occasion or celebration be it a first date or a casual night out with your friends. The waitstaff pay attention to the little details in ensuring you have a great time and come up with great recommendations if needed. They have one of the best happy hours in town!

District San Jose

πŸ“ Address: 65 N San Pedro St, San Jose (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (669) 292-5252
πŸ• Hours: 5 pm – 10 pm Tue-Thurs, 5 pm – 12 am Fri & Sat, Closed on Sun & Mon

This place serves an extensive and diverse wine and whiskey selections. The food and service are exceptional. The vibe is casual and industrial. They have outdoor seatings as well and they are kid and dog friendly.

ISO Beers

View of a glass being poured with beer from the beer tap

πŸ“ Address: 75 E Santa Clara St #120, San Jose, CA 95113 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 298-2337
πŸ• Hours: 3 pm – 10 pm Mon-Thurs, 3 pm – 12 am Fri & Sat, 2 pm – 8 pm Sun

This is one of the best spots to hang out with a cold beer. And maybe your dog too. The outdoor patio is well shaded, so grab a beer and relax without worrying about getting too warm! The outdoor seating really takes the cake. It is charming, with an open-air courtyard that has plenty of tables and stone benches. A great spot to relax with friends or by yourself if you fancy!

They offer a wide selection of beer on draft or canned and bottled beer along with ciders and kombuchas. So there’s something for everyone! 40 taps are on offer and you can bring your own food to accompany the beer you order from ISO. The service is efficient, well-versed and prompt.

Braise Willow Glen

πŸ“ Address: 1185 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 294-2919
πŸ• Hours: 5 pm – 9 pm Mon, 11 am – 2 pm & 3 pm – 9 pm Wed & Thurs, 11 am – 2 pm & 3 pm – 10 pm Fri & Sat, 9:30 am – 2 pm & 3 pm – 9 pm Sun, Closed on Tue

Braise Willow Glen has a full bar with craft beers and rotating taps. The inventive, seasonal house cocktails are a must-try. The wine and beer selection is well thought out and offered on rotation. They have classic cocktails, slush cocktails, cocktails on tap, nitro-mudded and shaved cocktails etc. This is definitely your place if you are into cocktails!

The place is nice and quaint and the ambience is trendy and casual. There’s outdoor seating too. You will become absolutely addicted to their cheddar beignets and fried chicken. They are mouth-wateringly delicious and go down well with the tasty cocktails. Looking for a place with great drinks, wonderful ambience and comfort American food? This is it!

7 Stars Bar & Grill

πŸ“ Address: 398 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128 (Google Maps)

7 Stars offers plenty of drafts and bottled beers including craft and local beers, including Not Your Father’s Root Beer, Pliny The Elder etc. They also serve a big selection of flavored vodkas and a variety of fresh fruit cocktails. They have 10 beers on draft, 8 on deck and 20 bottles/cans.

There’s always something happening here, whether it’s live trivia, movies or karaoke. There are several TVs to watch the game.

Two pool tables, foosball, darts, pong table and basket pong are all there for you to have fun when you’re done drinking and eating. There are Star Wars-themed drinks like Darth Vader cocktail (all their specialty cocktails are Star Wars-themed) and plenty of Star Wars decors all around.

Hermitage Brewery

View of a bottle of beer and barrels on the background

πŸ“ Address: 1627 S 7th St, San Jose, CA 95112 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 291-0966
πŸ• Hours: 4 pm – 9 pm Tue-Fri, 1 pm – 7 pm Sat & Sun, Closed on Mon

Hermitage Brewery serves award-winning craft beer. They have 24 beers on tap. Enjoy from a wide array of sours and other finely crafted and unique beers in their colourful and relaxed taproom. The ambience is chill and upbeat, and the waitstaff is patient, responsive and attentive.

This is a great place for outdoor seating and you may notice a few pawed friends when you drop in cuz they are dog friendly.


View of a bar filled with bottle of liquors on the shelf

πŸ“ Address: 167 E Taylor St, San Jose, CA 95112 (Google Maps)
πŸ“ž Phone: (408) 287-5225
πŸ• Hours: 12 pm – 2 am Mon-Fri, 6 am – 2 am Sat & Sun

Jack’s is a great neighborhood, dive bar. This is an amazing place to enjoy a beer or a few cocktails and watch the game on their 5 HD flat screens. There are 8 beers on tap and 28 bottled/canned.

They have beer pong, giant Jenga and corn hole to have some fun with your buddies. The outdoor patio is where it’s at!

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