17 Top Rated Beer Glasses

Best Beer Glasses

He was a wine man who invented beer, said Plato. Why I quite agree! Let’s raise a toast to him because this is one drink we cannot do without!

You can drink them out of a can or bottle, of course. But if this sounds sacrilegious, then you are a true beer aficionado who is in it for the whole experience. You are missing out on all the rich flavor profiles, the striking look of a pint in a bottle and the enhanced aroma notes that these glasses bring.

There are glasses for every style of brew. If you have no idea where to start, don’t worry. This list will give you all the answers. Do yourself a favor and get one of them to enjoy your beer to the fullest!

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17 Best Beer Glasses

1. Host Freeze Beer Glass

Host Freeze Beer Glasses, 16 ounce Freezer Gel Chiller Double Wall Plastic Frozen Pint Glass, Set of 2, Black

Beers are best enjoyed chilled. FREEZE insulating beer glasses from Host are made of plastic walls are better at keeping your favorite beer chilled than frozen beer glasses.

Did you know your beer tastes best at 43 and 53 degrees Fahrenheit? Well, this turns into a beer chiller when you pop them in the freezer to freeze the cooling gel and keep your drink within the ideal temperature range.

You can grip and savor your beer with ease, thanks to the silicone band. The capacity of host FREEZE glasses is 16 ounces, and it comes as a set of two amazing glasses. It is best you wash them by hand.

Not a fan of watered down drinks? Then you will enjoy your beer in Host FREEZE!

2. BenShot Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

BenShot Golf Ball Glass with Real Golf Ball Embedded. Made in the USA (1, 16oz Pint)

A golf fan? A beer fan as well? Then you are sure to fall in love with this unique beer glass that features a real golf ball in it!

It can hold 16 ounces of your favorite beer (just barring a few drops for accommodating for the ball!).

A unique work of craftsmanship, this beer glass packs a punch (literally!) and can be a great gifting option.

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3. Snowfox Stainless Steel Beer Glass

Snowfox Elegance Collection Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Glass, 18-ounce Set of 2, Black/Gold

Need a beer glass with more room but easy to handle? Then Snowfox is your ideal choice. You get a 16-ounce fluid capacity, yet it is lightweight for all that. These vacuum-insulated stainless steel set of 2 beer glasses keep your beer cold till you get to the last sip.

The thin rim is particularly suited to get the best out of your beer. Durable and versatile, these glasses are priced just right.

4. Pub Co Ultimate Pint

Ultimate Pint - Perfect Pint Glass to Explode Flavors and Maximize Beer Enjoyment - Exclusive Nucleated Hop Leaf Over 100 Points of Nucleation

This glass is crafted for those who enjoy the whole sensory experience of drinking beer.

Beer scientists (yes, there is such a thing!) have made it clear that a large vessel and narrow top are both ideal for trapping the delicious scent of the beer, and this glass is designed keeping this in mind. Also, the flared lip as you tilt the glass to drink will send the flavor notes of the beer to your nose, delighting you no end!

Now the bottom of the glass is etched into a hop leaf pattern with laser. These create up to 100 nucleation points which not only enhance the aroma but also really bring out the flavor of the beer you are drinking. Try it out yourself!

It can accommodate 16 ounces of any beer you wish to indulge in.

5. Kitchen Lux Pint Beer Glasses

1 Pint Beer Glasses - 2 Pack – Elegant 16 oz Tall Clear Drinking Glass and All Purpose Tumblers – Pub Style Design For Home Dining, Bars, and Parties – by Kitchen Lux

If you are looking for something simple yet stylish, Kitchen Lux 1 pint glasses are ideal. You can now enjoy 16 ounces of your favorite beer in these unassuming and stylish bar-style glasses.

Durable and dishwasher friendly, it comes as a set of two and is made of premium glass. Not just beer, but these multi-functional glasses can be used to enjoy wine, cocktails, water, or any other beverage.

Practical, elegant, and beautiful, they are great for everyday use and make great housewarming or holiday gifts.

6. Fine Occasion Glass Beer Mug

Fine Occasion Customized Beer Mug & Stein with Handle- Personalized Large Beer Glass Freezer Safe with Hand Crafted Pewter Monogram Initial Letter L(25 oz)

This big boy comes with a 25-ounce capacity and a monogrammed letter crest on which you can etch the first letter of your name or that of the person to whom they are going to give.

 Personalized beer mugs bearing a monogram wreathed with a floral design- it is a no brainer that it is the perfect gift for any beer lover!

This glass is made of thick, durable, lead-free glass and adorned with a gorgeous hand-polished pure pewter crest. It is a work of art for sure! Just note that you shouldn’t wash them using a dishwasher.

Have guests coming over? Impress them by handing out their drink in this beer glass. It may be a tad expensive, but you pay for what you get.

7. Stella Artois Beer Chalice

Stella Artois Better World 2019 Limited Edition Tanzania Chalice, 33cl

Would you like to make a big difference through a small act? For every Chalice you buy, someone in the developing world will be able to enjoy 5 years of clean drinking water without having to walk for miles to get it. How impactful and powerful!

The unique feature of this glass is its tulip shape. It allows you to enjoy 11 ounces of your Stella Artois beer to the maximum. The gold-leaf rim on this chalice is a nice touch.

This limited edition is dishwasher friendly and priced the lowest among Stella Artois chalices.

8. Guinness 20Oz Gravity Pint Glasses

Guinness 20Oz Gravity Pint Glasses Sets (2 Pack)

You can enjoy authentic Irish pub vibes right in the comfort of your home by drinking your beer in these glasses.

They come as a set of two and can hold 20 ounces of liquid each. The trademark harp design of Guinness is embossed on the glass looking very attractive.

9. LUXU British Beer Glass

Pint Glasses,20 OZ British Beer Glass,Classics Craft Beer Glasses,Premium Beer Glasses Tumbler Set of 4, Pub Beer Glasses,Unique Design Beer Glasses Easy Stacking in The Cupboard

Attractive, functional, and durable, these glasses are a great option to get the best out of your beer. Made of premium glass, you can enjoy the radiance of the liquid gold inside the glass!

The design is rather unique. The heavy ridge design makes it easy for you to grip the glass and enjoy your beer. The mouth is wide and traps the foam inside the cup, so you get maximum flavor from your beer.

With LUXU glasses, you have the option to some space in your kitchen by stacking them up in your drawers, cupboards, or cabinets.

A treat for all the senses when you drink beer out of this glass, it has a capacity of 20 ounces.

10. Amlong Crystal Lead-Free Beer Mugs

Amlong Crystal Lead-Free Beer Mug - 12 oz (Right For 1 Bottle), Set of 2

Sometimes you want to keep things simple. When you feel like enjoying your beer in an old-school beer mug, reach out for Amlong Crystal traditional and classy beer glasses.

It comes as a set of 2 lead-free glasses, each with a 12-ounce capacity. This capacity is perfect when you are looking to partake a 12-ounce bottle of beer.

Drinking beer has never been more simple or elegant. Plus, the glasses are dishwasher friendly to boot, which means fuss-free cleaning and maintenance.

11. Libbey Craft Brews Assorted Beer Glasses

Libbey Craft Brews Assorted Beer Glasses, Set of 6

A set of 6 glasses to enjoy 6 different styles of beer – if you are looking for a solid starter series set of glasses to make the most of your drinking experience – it doesn’t get better than this set.

These style-oriented glasses are crafted to enjoy pilsner, craft beer, Belgian ale, stouts, wheat beer, and more. Ingenious!

Each of these glasses come in different capacities. Perfect for the casual drinker and beer connoisseurs alike, it is durable and dishwasher friendly as well.

The price is affordable, and the quality is impeccable.

You can never go wrong with a Libbey!

12. ECODESIGN-US Beer Glasses

Beer Glass Belgian Style Stemmed Tulip - 16 oz Lambic Beer Glasses - set of 4 w/ coasters

Full-bodied beers like American Stouts, Belgian Ales, and English Ales are best enjoyed in Snifter glasses. ECODESIGN-US glasses come in the perfect size and shape to enjoy your full-bodied, high ABV beers.

The curved shape of these glasses and the small tapered mouth allows you to capture the aromas of your big beers and enjoy their flavor profiles as well.

The large surface area and thin design help transfer the heat from your hands onto the beer which is ideal for full-bodied beers.

This make 4 glasses in this set, each with a capacity to hold 16 ounces of beer.

Once you drink your stouts and ales in them, you will not imbibe them in any other glass.

13. Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit

Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit Glasses, European-Made Lead-Free Crystal, Modern Beer Glasses, Dishwasher Safe, Professional Quality Tasting Glass Gift Set (Craft - Set of 4)

If you are a beer snob or serious beer aficionado who enjoys their beer in just the right glass tailored for it, then this kit of 4 glasses is just for you. This tasting kit contains an IPA, Tulip, Lager, and Hefe glass, so it is well-rounded for all tastes and preferences.

Designed with beer experts, these German-made glasses perfectly enhance the aroma and flavor of the beer you are drinking for an all-around great drinking experience.

These glasses are dishwasher friendly and crafted by Bavarian artists from a premium, lead-free crystal glass.

Know someone who is a craft beer lover? Sturdy, durable, functional, and elegant, this can be a great gift to show them how much you appreciate them.

The brand Spiegelau has 500 years of experience crafting quality glassware, so this is a brand you can trust.

14. Libbey Pint Glass

Libbey Pint Glass with DuraTuff Rim (1639HT), 16oz - Set of 12

Libbey’s 16-ounce standard pint glasses are built to last for years! You can find these standard glasses anywhere in a bar. What makes this very appealing are the cost and simplicity.

Made with a DuraTuff heat-treated rim, it has a high resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. They are also dishwasher friendly.

There are a dozen glasses in this set, and all of them can take rough falls or careless use. These glasses are not just for beer. They are great for mixed drinks and cocktails too. The foam is efficiently trapped inside the glasses, so you can greatly enjoy the beer with enhanced flavors.

15. Real Deal Steel Stainless Steel Pint Glasses

Stainless Steel Insulated Beer Tumblers - 4 Pack - Double Wall Vacuum Pint Glasses - Premium Metal Cups to Keep Drinks Cold (or Hot) - Rimless, Sweat Free, Shatterproof

A great alternative to cheap plastic or breakable glass, Real Deal’s stainless steel glasses are double-walled to maintain the temperature of the drinks inside. The copper vacuum insulation within the walls keeps your drinks chilled for hours!

The Real Deal Steel pints are not just for your bears. You can enjoy your smoothies, cocktails, coffee, and more.

Can you imagine your glass with no lip around the rim? These rimless glasses prevent nasty buildups and are easy to clean out too.

These classes can accommodate 16 ounces of your drink and can be piled up neatly into cabinets. So stack ’em and save some space!

16. Rastal Teku Stemmed Beer Glass

Nucleated Teku 3.0 Stemmed Beer Glass by Rastal - Nucleation Pint Glasses for Better Head Retention, Aroma and Flavor - 14.2 oz Craft Beer Glass for Enhanced Beer Drinking Bliss- Gift Idea for Men

When it comes to barware, there is a glass that sets the benchmark against which all others are compared. Rastal Teku is the best beer glass against which we can compare other beer glasses to see if they measure up!

Manufactured in Germany by Rastal, this glass is designed to get the most out of your beer. It’s a real treat for the eyes, nose, and mouth!

The angular vessel traps the beer aromas in the glass, so when you take a sip, you will be delightfully overwhelmed by the aromatics for the nose and palate.

The stem to which the bowl is connected is small and designed to keep the heat from your hands from warming the beer prematurely. Plus, it features nucleation! Five circular laser-etched grooves at the bottom of the glass will emit a steady stream of bubbles and fizz that rises to the top and provide better head retention. It also releases enchanting aromas and enhances the flavors of your beer. And it just looks so stunning!

Lagers, pilsners, pale ales, IPAs – whatever the drink, the flavors, and aromas are brought out fully. For a pleasurable beer drinking experience, go with Rastal Teku stemmed beer glass!

17. Spiegelau IPA Glass

Spiegelau 2-Pack Beer Classics IPA Glass, 19-Ounce

This is the benchmark for IPA glasses. This glass was designed in collaboration with Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada. They are two of the leading IPA brewers.

This set of 2 glasses are dishwasher safe and has a 19-ounce capacity each. Great for any aromatic craft beers, the glasses are particularly superb for enjoying IPAs. 

The design is stellar. The delicate thin walls maintain the ideal temperature of the bear. The laser-cut rim delivers crisp, clean flavors with every sip. Waves of hoppy aromas from the beer really come out and hit your nose, thanks to the slender bowed shaped vessel.

The unique rigged, narrow bottom agitates the beer while releasing carbonation at the same time. This means amplified aromas! If you want to “nose†your beer, the wide opening allows you to do so comfortably.

The rippled pedestal base and round bowl showcase the varying aromatic profiles in a splendid manner. Once you taste your craft beer in this glass, there is no going back!

This set of 6 glasses is made out of lead-free crystal, has a capacity of 19 ounces each, and is dishwasher friendly.


With the advent of craft beers, specialty beers glasses also came into existence. Now you have more than a pint glass to enjoy your beer. This list features a dozen of those for you to choose from.

Beyond pint, there is the snifter glass ideal for big boozy beers like barrel-aged stouts and barleywines. Bormioli Rocco is a great choice of a snifter.

The lovely tulip glasses are perfect for IPAs, wild and sour ales, and plenty of Belgian ales. Zalto is your pick if you don’t mind splurging on classy glassware.

Pilsners and light beers are a wonderful match. There are a couple of options on this list ideal for that, but Rastal Teku is one of the best beer glasses overall, so why not go with that?

The lovely Teku glasses are designed for aromatic and flavorful craft beers. Here again, you cannot go wrong with Rastal Teku stemmed glasses.

Here’s hoping this article will make you purchase your next barware with confidence. Cheers!

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