10 Best Gifts For Bartenders

Best Gifts For Bartenders

What are the most awesome gifts you can give bartenders?

Christmas is approaching, so does the pressure of buying gifts for your friends, family, and colleagues!

If you’ve always been a bar “rat”, you probably made friends over the course of time — the bartenders, other bar hoppers, and even the managers/owners.

But let’s talk about our beloved tapsters & mixologists for now. What should we get them despite having “everything”?

Here is the list of potential gifts for bartenders. Enjoy!

1. The Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails

What’s even better than mixing different cocktails? Having a book full of cocktail recipes! Your bartender friend will surely love this gift as he/she will never run out of ideas ever again!

This is the best gift for beginners — even experts — as it has a wild variety of recipes from classic to modern ones!

Furthermore, Bar Book features valuable information such as what equipment you might need to perfect the cocktails. Every detailed information you need about your favorite drink — it’s here!

Grab one of your nerdy gifts here.

2. Koriko Weighted Shaking Tins

The Cocktail Kingdom is known to have the best bar (and cocktail) products you can pick from for your own pleasure or be given as gifts!

One of which is the cocktail shaker called Koriko weighted shaking tins. The item is a pair (large & small) of metal tins, and are designed for a good fit with easier separation after shaking.

Each tin can hold two drinks and on top of that, they provide different colors that you can base on your friend’s preference.

Get one right here!

3. Bartending Statement Shirts

Our bartender friends live for their passion — but so do for tips!

Get them one of these statement shirts to let them know that it’s okay to ask for tips casually. LOL. It’s incredibly cheaper than most of these fancy gifts, but are thoughtful AF!

Not to mention it would be an addition to their closet– you know, washing clothes when you have a full-time job is close to impossible!

I’m certain your bartender friend will love one of these! Get them one as a token of your friendship! 🙂

4. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

This elegant-looking decanter dispenser features an etched globe design and an antique ship in the bottle.

It makes a great addition to your personal collection, even more so as a gift to your whiskey lover friends! It can also be used to serve juice, water, iced tea, etc!

Perhaps get your bartender friends one of these and let them know you’re thinking about them even from many globes apart!

5. Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler

Peeling a fruit to produce an excellent cocktail or cocktail garnishes is a very challenging activity for bartenders.

These peelers from Kuhn Rikon will make the peeling more exciting, efficient, and effortless. It’s perfect for both left or right-handed bartenders! 🙂

Give them one to let them know you care about them!

6. Message Gift Card

Hear me out — treating them to a massage spa will do more than you’ll ever know!

Bartending, let alone standing for hours, serving customers is a harsh job — to both mind & body.

Gifting them one of these treatments or whatever they call it in there is the PERFECT gift your wearied friend will appreciate more from you.

Hell, this could even dominate those other gift ideas out there. Trust me. It’s worth a shot — and it’s not a cheap gift!!

7. Cigar Gift Set

This one is a really personal gift that could be given to a boyfriend or husband.

But, if you’re going all out for a friend — this cigar set can do the deed! It’s like the coolest gift one can get.

It’s a personalized gift set that comes with 5 cigar gifts in 1 package, and, get this, all the items can be personalized with a person’s name or initials.

So cool. The dilemma of losing their lighters will be over. GET HIM ONE. NOW.

8. Bartending Statement Stuff

There’s the statement shirt, but you can give them more!

Statement products let people know what you’re into (or what you do, etc). Giving your friend a statement mug, cardigan jacket, stickers, phone cases, tote bags, and more will totally drive them nuts!

It’s like: “Aww, I didn’t know you see me that way.”, “You see me as a badass bartender? Awww, that’s too sweet!”.

Gift them one to draw a smile on their faces! 🙂

9. Game of Thrones Hand of The King Bottle Opener

I know not all of us are big GOT fans, but if your friend happens to like the program AND a drink enthusiast altogether, make sure you gift them one of these cork poppers!

It’s a cool sword keychain and made of solid metal. It features a durable gold finish and is meant to last a lifetime. Ha.

Furthermore, it includes a powerful magnet on the back so it can be fixated on the fridge or anything metallic… or you can just wear it as a necklace. Your call!

Curious? Add the thing to your cart and let your friend knows they are your stars and suns!

10. Thor Hammer Shape Bottle Opener by Ansley&HosHo

As a Marvel fan, I approve!

This “Mjolnir” lets you take on the character of your favorite superhero — Thor. It’s a hammer-looking bottle popper and is a classic and creative gift to give to your Marvel’s friends!

It may not look that much, but if you give this to a friend who’s nuts about Thor, it will make their Christmas, let alone their year! LOL, just trust me on this. I know, ‘cause I’m a Thor fan myself. Having this bottle opener would make my other friends jealous. Ha.

Check it out here!

Last Call

Buying gifts for our friends is a tough one, but if you just paid attention to what they’re really into — to what makes them happy — maybe it’s not so hard after all. Right?

I hope this list of gifts will make your day as it will your friend’s. Get them one of these but make sure it came from the heart. Good luck!


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