5 Best Ice Makers – An Honest Guide

Best Ice Makers

Finding the best ice makers couldn’t be easier if you know what you’re looking for.

We do, and with today’s guide, we’ll make your life easier and help you to:

  • Quickly establish which type of ice makes the best fit
  • Compare and contrast 8 of the best ice machines of various types
  • Choose the most appropriate unit based on hard data

We’ll be looking at the following ice makers if you’re impatient for a peek…


Before we dive down into our reviews, though, a few words first about the different types of ice machines you can find.

What is the best ice maker for me?

Don’t even think about browsing ice machines or whipping out your credit card on impulse until you’re clear on what type of machine you really need.

Firstly, think about placement and consider your three main choices:

  • Portable ice maker
  • Undercounter ice maker
  • Countertop ice maker

Portable ice maker

Perhaps you need a means of making ice when you’re on a road trip in your RV. Or maybe you own a boat and you want cocktails when you’re moored up.

Either way, you can find a handful of serviceable portable ice machines if you know what you’re looking for. We bring you the best of the bunch right below.

Countertop ice maker

Much more compact than an undercounter unit but also correspondingly limited in scope, countertop ice makers work well for light home use.

Portable, you won’t need to hook these machines up to drains or water lines. On the flipside, you won’t usually be able to freeze and store your ice, and they aren’t cut out for sustained use.

Undercounter ice maker

Built-in ice makers, also commonly called undercounter ice machines, are typically bulky and robust appliances capable of generating ice all day long. The bulky storage bins allow you to keep frozen ice on hand and ready on-demand.

You’ll need a dedicated water line and plenty of space to accommodate. For commercial use or home use for heavy entertainers, an undercounter unit is a must.

How about if you need something even more rugged? You need a commercial ice machine.

Commercial ice maker

You need to dig deeper if you want an ice maker that won’t let you down if you have it running day and night in a bar.

Commercially-rated machines are much heavier-duty in all respects, and they’re designed for continuous use.

Look for a storage capacity and throughput in line with your needs.

Check that the ice will be delivered quickly enough and in suitably-sized batches.

Don’t overlook the noise factor. Any commercial machine will kick up a bit of sound, so all that counts is finding one that’s not too noisy for your needs.

How about if you want that specialty chewable ice, then?

What is a nugget ice maker?

These nifty machines are capable of serving up delicious and chewable ice ideal for soft drinks, blended cocktails and much, much more.  

Not only do you get this type of gourmet ice, but the energy-efficient machine won’t cost you a fortune to run either.

5 Best Ice Makers

Let’s push on with our ice maker reviews across the following categories:

  • Countertop
  • Undercounter
  • Commercial
  • Portable
  • Nugget

Countertop Ice Maker



  • What’s hot: Get a batch of bullet ice cubes in 6 minutes. Ice is chewable. Space-saving footprint.
  • What’s not: Sluggish. Just one size of ice.

If you have limited space in the kitchen, there’s no need to go without an ice machine. Whether on your kitchen counter or in the office, the IKICH is compact and space-saving.

While it’s not suitable for commercial use, you can whip up some ice for your drank 9 pieces at a time in minutes flat.

The IKIH delivers chewable ice with no sharp edges at a price you’ll love.

  • Why we like it: For making small quantities of easily manageable ice cubes.


  • What’s hot: Self-refilling reservoir. Bluetooth controls. Produces up to 24 pounds of ice daily.
  • What’s not: A few gripes about customer care.

Whether you have a small commercial catering establishment or you want to make oodles of ice for cocktail parties throughout the summer, this commanding countertop machine is tailor-made.

The pebble ice kicked out is perfect for blended drinks, juices, cocktails, and much more. Imagination is your only limitation.

Smart controls and the ability to turn out specialty ice on demand makes the GE Profile Opal well worth a place on your shortlist.

  • Why we like it: Rugged enough for commercial use yet sleek enough for a home kitchen.


  • What’s hot: Infrared sensor baked in. Makes 26 pounds of ice daily in 8-minute batches. Runs quietly.
  • What’s not: Machine is not returnable.

EUHOMY’s countertop ice machine can churn out cubes at quite a clip. Expect a batch in less than 10 minutes and keep going all day.

The portability of this squat, highly capable unit gives you enormous latitude.

Easy to use with a responsive and intuitive control panel, you won’t believe this thing is so cheap, nor will you need to compromise quality in pursuit of a bargain.

  • Why we like it: Works equally well at home, in your RV, or on your boat.

Undercounter Ice Maker



  • What’s hot: Use freestanding or built in. Reversible door so goes anywhere.
  • What’s not: Build quality is questionable.

With the option of positioning the door on either side, this heavy-duty undercounter ice machine offers you huge flexibility.

Once it’s fired up, you can make up to 12 pounds of ice each day.

Stainless steel build accented with black means this machine will blend in with both modern and traditional kitchens.

  • Why we like it: An affordable and reasonably efficient ice maker.


  • What’s hot: Installation is quick, cheap, and easy. Stores 6 pounds of ice and delivers 12 pounds daily.
  • What’s not: Warranty is less than robust.

If you need an ice machine installed with no fuss and you’re not too concerned about producing volume, this is a compact and pocket-friendly choice.

Build this machine in or leave it freestanding so widening your options for placement.

You won’t need to worry about a drain line and this machine serves double-duty as a freezer.

  • Why we like it: User-friendly ice machine that also keeps your ice frozen.

Commercial Ice Maker


  • What’s hot: Delivers 48 clear ice cubes in less than 20 minutes. Powerful compressor for cooling.
  • What’s not: Quite bulky.

For anyone with a spacious commercial kitchen, the KISMILE ice maker gives you all the ice you need without standing on ceremony.

Throughout is an impressive 265 pounds daily with a decent storage capacity of 48 pounds.

The crystal clear cubes work well in bars, restaurants, and – of course ­– in your home kitchen.

  • Why we like it: If you have the space and you need lots of clear ice in a hurry, KISMILE is a smart bet.

Portable Ice Maker


  • What’s hot: Kicks out 26 pounds of ice effortlessly. Rustle up a batch in 6 or 7 minutes. Quite compact.
  • What’s not: Can run hot.

While many portable ice machines seem weak and flimsy, the IGLOO Auto is supple, rugged, and remarkably hard-working.

With multiple use cases, anytime you need an ice maker outside the home, this model makes sense.

The production should ensure you have ample ice for a large party and build quality shouldn’t let you down.

  • Why we like it: A stellar solution for ice on the go whether on the water or out in the RV.

Nugget Ice Maker

aka Sonic Drive-in Restaurant

NewAir Countertop

  • What’s hot: Spits out tiny chewable cubes of ice. Outstanding ice retention. Unbeatable value.
  • What’s not: Not the quietest ice machine.

Even if you need to put up with a bit of noise, this agile and energetic ice machine will give you tasty nuggets of ice all day long.

Ultra-thick walls ensure your ice stays colder for longer.

BPA-free components allow you to consume your ice with a clear conscience.

  • Why we like it: Gourmet-grade ice from a space-saving chassis.


Take the time to buy an ice maker based on what you need it for and you’ll get the best machine the easy way. Blunder in and you can expect an unused hunk of metal in the cupboard and a waste of money.

Follow our guide today and shortcut the whole process.

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