Best Tiki Bars in San Diego

Best Tiki Bars in San Diego

America’s Finest City, pristine beaches, an array of world-class attractions and scenery. Yep, San Diego.

The city of the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, Legoland California, and many bewitching places & crowd-pleasers.

San Diego is one of the cities on the bucket lists of so many people, not gonna lie, including myself, that is.

I could write down all the different places that make San Diego one of the greatest, but today, I want to introduce some of the fun ones where happy hours happen. Yep, I was referring to bars & restaurants in this city. Can I?

1. Kindred

Here, you’re family. 🙂

Talk about a very cool (and looooud) place to hang out with! Kindred offers unique and creative meat dishes that will suffice your cravings for anything.

They have phenomenal drinks to accompany your meal, too, just so you know. And oh, heads up, this isn’t a place if you want something calm & composed. They play death metal music to depict the legacy of the bar itself.

Apart from that, they have merch to top everything off such as color-changing cups, shirts, zombie glass, and more! I dig!

I honestly couldn’t say anything else, but if you dig some loud music while boozing, then this place WILL be perfect for you and your buds.

Come check ‘em out!

1503 30th St
San Diego, CA 92102
United States
(619) 546-9653

2. King & Queen Cantina

A Latin flavor to San Diego’s Little Italy!

King & Queen Cantina is another place made to commemorate the Mexican holiday “Dia de Los Muertos”. The decor says it all, I believe.

They specialize in Taco Tuesday and deliver nothing but great food & awesome drinks! The bar currently has 3 existing branches, but they’re soon to open the one in NYC! Damn! Tacos for everyone!

Inside the bar, you will be welcomed by checkered tiles and leather bar stools to natural wood with flat-screen TVs for your viewing pleasure. 

If you think this is all a bluff, then check the Yelp reviews from real customers! You will be in awe. 😉

1490 Kettner Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101
United States
(619) 756-7864

3. Craft & Commerce

A dog-friendly spot with hardbound classic novels stacked on ceiling-high bookshelves!

I am a dog mom AND a bookwh*re altogether… so what, imagine how this place would make me lose my sh*t!

We rarely see places & eateries that allow pets in the area, so if you ever come across one, you would grab that fat chance. Right?

And books as decor?!? Damn, I would not want to leave until I get to finish at least one novel!!! 

*sighs in astonishment*

Anyhoo… I guess my blabbers just made you uncomfortably giddy to check out this amazing place this instant, no?

Reserve your seats now! 🙂

675 W Beech St
San Diego, CA 92101
United States
(619) 269-2202

4. False Idol

A bar within a bar!

Yep, I needed to put this bar right after the Craft & Commerce, because it’s literally within Craft & Commerce!

I’m not bluffin’ here. It is a bar within a bar to have some awesome nights in! Customers refer to this place as “cool beyond cool”, and I genuinely believe that.

The place serves 5 days a week and has killer cocktails that will totally make you forget some of your problems. Note that I said some because it’s only for a swift moment unless you plan on coming back and forth, then yes, be ready to forget all your problems! 

Check them out here:

675 W Beech St
San Diego, CA 92101
United States
(619) 269-2202

5. Rare Form

Sandwiches & craft cocktails with a tropical twist in a rooftop setting with views of Petco Park!

Burgers, fries, and some refreshments? This place has gotcha! 

It was named Rare Form but the forms of the burgers & cocktails are nothing short of flawless! No “rare” stuff in sight. LOL!

They’re serving all days of the week from 11:30 AM. If you want something to cool down your cravings for snacks, I suggest making it to this haven. 🙂

Place your cravings here:

793 J St,
San Diego CA 92101
United States
(619) 578-2392

6. Tiki Oasis

The original & largest Tiki event in the world!

A family-run event business that lets you enjoy everything-Tiki! 

Tiki Oasis promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion. EVERYONE is welcome to party and celebrate just about everything.

Furthermore, this event also promotes education and the sharing of ideas & knowledge apart from imparting sustainable habits to make positive choices that maintain the well-being of the planet. I support a healthy community with a mission to betterment!

We’ve somehow swum farther from a simple promotion of places, but I would really like to get this one out in the world. Places, let alone events like Tiki Oasis is BIG DEAL, it is a celebration of diversity and differences that need to be heard and be seen.

Take part. 🙂

2270 Hotel Cir N
San Diego, CA 92108
United States
(619) 297-1101

7. The Casbah

The best rocker bar in town!

Yet another music bar that promises a really good time!

If you’ve been searching for some live music to hype up your mood, then this has got to be THE ONE.

I’m not talking about a one-performer place, but definitely ARTISTS & BANDS. Like a legitimate music bar that features different performers each and every night. And of course, boooooze and food!!!

Come watch these amazing bands perform their music! Support local, am I right?

2501 Kettner Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101
United States
(619) 232-4355

8. Noble Experiment

“Great atmosphere, epic cocktails, and super friendly staff!”

Although the place has yet to reopen, it was quite a lovely one for people who just love craft cocktails and just want to feel classy altogether!

Wall of gold skulls and portraits on the ceiling just make up for a rather small room. After all, “Size does not matter. Performance does”.

I don’t know how you comprehend that phrase, but it applies to the bar’s service and the way people go out of their way just to get to this very-hard-to-find spot. It is always worth the while with this one. <3 

777 G St
San Diego, CA 92101
United States
(619) 888-4713

9. Regal Beagle

A quirky & fun tavern that serves sausages, sandwiches, burgers & a large menu of locally crafted beers!

Craving for something “finger-licking good”?

I think I might have someplace for you. 

Regal Beagle is indeed a regal in maintaining good customer service and amazing quality of food & booze. 

If you ache for something to liven up your Instagram feed, feel free to hop on this local bar in San Diego. I assure you will have a very notable experience.

Serving good quality food and booze 7 days a week from 12 PM to 10 PM.

3659 India St
San Diego, CA 92103
United States
(619) 297-2337

10. Churchill Cigar Lounge

Retailer & bar offering premium smokes, imported beer & wine, plus cigar lockers for rent!

Churchill Cigar Lounge offers beautiful hand-crafted cigar for rent. According to reference, there is no other store in the whole country that offers anything equal or close to its service.

You can smoke a cigar while sipping on a glass of fine, sultry wine in a beautiful outdoor heated patio with an incredibly casual atmosphere.

Come through if you want to experience some mystical moment. 😉

2415 San Diego Ave #102
San Diego, CA 92110
United States
(619) 720-6420

Too many places to go to, so little to no time! *weeps at the corner*

Well, could you maybe share your experience with me out there in the world? With this list of wonderful places, I’m pretty positive you will somehow consider checking out every single one of them. I just know. 😉


Well, hey there! It’s Meg! I love writing for BarPx, because who doesn’t like the task of hunting for different booze cubby holes, am I right? I loooove my job! My favourite liquid refreshment besides water & coconut water (hehe) is probably some light vodka drinks, and maybe a little bit of beer. I have low alcohol tolerance, no shit, but here I am. Cheers! X

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