15 Best Wine Books Ever Written on Earth? Yes, It Is Decided.

List of the best wine books

Can learning about wine be as enjoyable as drinking it? We think it can! Ditch the boring, essay type of books and dive into these stunning books on wine literature. With illustrations, maps, personal anecdotes, stories and facts presented in an interesting manner, these books make the whole process of understanding the World of wines very much pleasurable. So, grab a glass of wine and let us get started!

1. Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide

This book will be equally fascinating to learn all about wines from those new to the old of wine as well as seasoned experts. The book is a visual treat to the eyes, and the aroma wheels are fascinating- they will make you understand wines easily. This is such a unique and interesting way to know all about wines, with plenty of fun and humour injected in the pages. But it is also loaded with information like grapes, wine regions and countries etc.

There are upward of 100 grapes and colour-coded by style. It also comes with wine labelling and classification for countries where wine is produced in large quantities, like France, Spain and Italy. There is also a food and wine pairing section so that you can understand what goes with what.

There are maps aplenty which will make you want to visit the places and savour the wines traditional to those places! This magnum edition by Madeline Puckette takes you into the world of wines. So, dive right in- the book takes you right over the brim! Like a fine glass of wine, this book is irresistible and unputdownable, until you are done imbibing all of its contents.

2. Wine Simple

This is an absolutely wonderful book to any Oenophile. It was written by world-renowned Sommelier-Aldo Sohm. The book is loaded with infographics and illustrations and after you are done reading the book, you will be much more knowledgeable and gain the confidence to make smarter wine choices, know when to splurge on great quality wine, and generally all about wine tasting.

If you are new into the world of wine, this is a great starting place. It just demystifies the whole process of getting to know about wines, how to enjoy it, and will be a ready reference when purchasing a bottle of wine. This book also gives fundamental details of how to set up a wine tasting at home.

3. The World Atlas of Wine, 8th edition

This book is written by Hugh Johnson, the world’s pre-eminent on wine. If there is one wine book that should adorn the bookshelves of every wine lover, it has to be this one! This book has all the information about the topographic differences between the different wine-producing regions. Apart from information about countries producing wine, there are also details of how wine is processed, how the vineyards are built etc.

This book has a more formal and informative tone. It is big and colourful. It will definitely take your knowledge of wines to the next level. Don’t be surprised if you keep going back for more! It is one of the most authoritative reference materials in the world!

The most useful single volume on wine ever published… If I owned only one wine book, it would be this one.”―Andrew Jefford, Decanter. Need more reasons to purchase the book?

4. The Wine Bible

Karen Macneil is the author of the Wine Bible and for writing this book, she has tasted more than 10,000 wines and paid the major wine-producing regions around the world a visit. So you can take her word for the gospel! It is the Wine Bible after all! The author has a unique tone and this book will answer any questions you may have regarding wine.

You get to know all about the major wine cultivating regions along with the best winemakers in those regions!

It covers all the fundamentals of wine in-depth, along with tips, amusing anecdotes, definitions, photos, maps and bottles she recommends. This book is engaging, informative, light and fun all at once. The first few pages of the book are dedicated to the process of how wine is made. Then she covers more about wine tasting, the food pairings etc. Then comes the information of the wine varieties of the top wine-producing regions like France and Spain. A must-read book for any wine enthusiast or maker!

5. Natural Wine for the People

This little gem by Alice Feiring is for anyone who wants specialized knowledge in wines, with a particular emphasis, on Natural Wines. Understanding natural wines may be a tad difficult, but why worry when Alice is guiding you! Natural wine is, of course, organic or biodynamic wine made with nothing added, and nothing taken away.

So where to find this, what it is and how to savor it- this book covers it all. She gives the reader tips on how to source some of the best wines out there, a list of the popular producers and their stories, and a guide to the restaurants that specialize in the best natural wines across the US.

6. What to Drink with What you Eat: The Definitive Guide to Pairing Food with Wine, Beer, Spirits, Coffee, Tea – Even Water – Based on Expert Advice from America’s Best Sommeliers

If you have decided with the main course for dinner, then you can look for the wine pairings to go with it. Or, if you are craving for a particular wine, you can browse the best complementing foods to pair with it. Penned by Karen Page, this is such a wonderful book to create a great harmony of food and drink.

7. The Widow Clicquot

The Widow Clicquot: The Story of a Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled It, is the story of Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin Clicquot written by Tilar J. Mazzeo. It portrays the journey of this remarkable woman’s rise in the champagne industry and how she revolutionized it. The book tells us all about the struggles, obstacles, and how she surmounted them all before the brand became the world-renowned Veuve Clicquot champagne.

As an added plus, you will get a lot of information about the French Revolution, how business in France was in the period and life in France in the 19th century.

8. Wine. All the time. The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking

In this fascinating book, Marissa. A. Ross has a very approachable and educational way to write about wine. If you are a novice about wine, you will learn a lot. And if you are a pro, it will be refreshing and enlightening. The tone is humorous and funny, and it makes for a very entertaining read.

In this book, the author elaborates on the basics- the varieties, how to read a label, how to do wine tasting, how to talk about wine, pairings and much more. After reading this book, you will learn to confidently pick the best bottle based on the occasion and budget, throw a great party with great wine choices and recognize your wine preferences.

Know all about the ins and outs of wine culture in this funny, witty, entertaining yet informative book.

9. Champagne [Boxed Book and Map Set]: The Essential Guide to the Wines, Producers, and Terroirs of the Iconic Region

This is definitely the go-to book on Champagne. In this book, Peter Liam transforms our understanding of the Champagne Industry. Whether you are an occasional drinker or a champagne collector, the book has plenty of information to keep you hooked to its pages.

In this book, the author tells the story of real people in one of the most important wine regions of the world. The tone is concise and clear, and the book is comprehensive with vintage vineyard maps, a thorough analysis of the producers in the region and tips on storing and serving this beloved wine. The vineyard maps are housed in the box set, and it documents the region’s terriers; it’s a treasure trove indeed! It covers an extensive grower and vintner profiles as well.

If you want to know all about Champagne’s history, then look no further than this book!

10. Kevin Zraly Windows on the World Complete Wine Course

 Kevin Zraly, the author of this book is America’s ultimate wine educator. In this book, he drops the veil from the mystery of selecting, tasting and savoring wine. From Bordeaux to New Zealand, this book has tons of maps of prominent wine-producing regions, beautiful photographs, infographics, best wines and labels across each country which will help you find the right wine that you will fall in love with!

Apart from all this, there is a lot of interesting information on emerging wine regions, including China and Sicily. It tells you what the latest wines are so that you could try them out and food pairings to go with your choice of wine. This would make a great gift for a wine connoisseur.

11. Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste

In this book, Author Bianca Bosker about learning the trade of the Sommelier, or “Cork Dorks”, whose entire profession is all about selecting, tasting and recommending the finest wines in the world. She did learn a lot in the process, and the result is a book that is an entertaining and informative read about wine and the people who are so obsessed about something so trivial as a bottle of wine.

This book takes you on a ride from the taste, smell, history and science to try and achieve the title of Master Master Sommelier. Wine is a lifestyle by itself, and this book invokes our curiosity to become wine connoisseurs and gain an insight into the life of the people who are obsessed with this drink.

12. The New Wine Rules

Choosing a google bottle of wine always seems too difficult and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be, says the author Jon Bonne. In this book, he describes everything you need to know about wine is this simple, easy-to-read book with illustrations. After reading this book, you will become much more confident in choosing and drinking wine.

A wine price does not reflect its quality, he affirms. That’s good news, right! There’s also plenty of advice on buying, storing, ordering and drinking wine that is pure gold! It also elaborates the basic wine types, what occasion calls for which wine variety, what glasses to use and more. Written concisely and crisply, it can be enjoyed by those new to the world of wine as well as serious aficionados.

This book makes us believe that wine is for everyone and not just the “wine snobs”!

13. The Sommelier Prep Course: An Introduction to the Wines, Beers, and Spirits of the World.

In this book, the author M.Gibson elaborates on the history and lore of Wine, beer and spirits and details how these beverages are produced, the varieties and styles of wine and beer, and the food pairings that go well with these drinks. He also dwells further into wine, covering details of its pricing, marketing, tasting and storing wine. This is a great book for wine lovers, bartenders and those aspiring to become a Sommelier.

He also gives glimpses into the regions in the world where wine is produced. The layout is more like a textbook and it is very informative and educational, written in a tone that is easy to understand. Get started in expanding your knowledge of wine by reading this book right away!

14. Adventures on the Wine Route: A Wine Buyer’s Tour of France

The author, Kermit Lynch takes the reader on a journey to uncover the “magic” of wine. This is a journey through the length and breadth of France – from Provence and Languedoc in the South to Bordeaux, Northern and Southern Rhone, Loire and beyond. This book really is a classic, with vivid pictures of French Vinters, a stunning invocation of the beautiful French countryside and lively descriptions of French wines.

Plenty of information on wine, written with a delightful sense of humour makes this book a fun, quirky and interesting read. Take a tour of France’s top wine cellars, compelling wine stories, the countryside and winemakers in this beautifully written book that is timeless!

15. The Oxford Companion to Wine

The Oxford companion is the result of meticulous research and it is extensive and thorough, with over 4000 entries on everything that you can possibly think of that is wine-related, the wine-growing region, grape varieties, and the growers, owners and connoisseurs and taster of wine through ages past. It takes us through a journey of this beverage that has a rich history, right from its origin to the present day, and expounds on the history of wine as well as oenology and viticulture.

The book in its 4th edition really stands out in providing a thorough understanding of the origin and background of wine and its cultural and scientific contexts. It is a must-read for those with a thirst for knowledge about the varietals of wine, its history and the art of winemaking.


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