5 of the Best Wine Racks Ever

Best Wine Racks Ever
Best Wine Racks Ever

Wine is a type of alcohol that has been in production for thousands of years. Not only is it one of the oldest, but it is also one of the most fascinating of all drinks! There are whole traditions that revolve around wine, and it brings people together in ways that many beverages can only dream of achieving!

With wine being the fascinating drink that it is, there is no question as to why so many people around the world are such fervent wine enthusiasts.

There are wines for every occasion, taste or budget. Some wines would cost you an arm or leg, while some will make your pocket and tummy happy while tasting like expensive wine. Some wines pair with every kind of dish imaginable. Cheese isn’t the only dish that goes great with wines!

There are whites, reds, roses, sparkling and other types of wine. In each of these categories, some wines are too sweet, wines with absolutely no sugar, wines with very little alcohol, and wines with alcohol as high as 22%! Then there are the light and full-bodied ones, aged and new wines etc. There are endless possibilities! You can always find the perfect wine for the perfect occasion.

You find yourself alone, and you have a long evening ahead of you. Sipping on a sparkling white will make you enjoy your own company for the long night. Are you going for a picnic with the family on a warm, pleasant afternoon? Then bubbles are your companion (apart from the sun!).

Every one of us has wine. The only difference is how often you imbibe it. You could be an occasional drinker of this poison, saving it for special occasions. Or, you could be someone who just has to have wine every day, and enthusiastically look for that perfect wine and food pairing. In that case, you may already have a bottle of wine handy to partake it during, or after, dinner. And let’s admit it, taking a nice bottle of wine to your hostess/host when you have been invited over for dinner is the classy thing to do.

But then again, you may be a wine snob or a full-blown wine collector with a dedicated space in your home for collecting and storing wine. Or, you may have just discovered your love for wine, and want a space in your home for storing wine in the most appealing manner imaginable.

Whatever your needs, finding the best wine rack can be a daunting task. You can use wine refrigerators and coolers to chill and store wines for short-term use. These are limited by capacity too. For storing a large volume of wine for a longer duration, then wine racks are the best choice.

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Types of Wine Racks

Wine racks provide optimal storage temperature and reduce light from falling directly on it. They also help store the wine bottle efficiently and provide the perfect orientation and structure to keep the cork wet and prevent them from falling off. It is also easy for you to identify which bottle you want, and then pick it off the rack and pour yourself a glass!

Before purchasing a wine rack, consider how many bottles you intend to store, how much space you can dedicate to a wine rack, your budget and whether you intend to expand your collection in the future.

Based on these factors, these are the types of wine racks. You should thoroughly understand what your requirements are before investing in a wine rack.

Stackable Wine Racks

If you are someone who has just started collecting wines, stackable wine racks are ideal for you. Or, if you have storage constraints, then this will suit you perfectly. As a casual drinker who has just begun your collection, you can buy one set of racks and store the few you want to be displayed. Then as your collection grows, you can add more stacks.

These don’t require any effort for installation, and may not be as aesthetically appealing as other options on the list. If you are a serious wine collector or looking to display wines keeping the aesthetics and decor in mind, move on to other options.

You can store multiple wine cases in one rack, or stack many racks together to form an elementary and makeshift wine cellar design.

Table Top and Countertop Wine Racks

This is another great option for the casual collector. As opposed to the wall and floor-mounted racks, these hold fewer bottles. It is perfectly suited for people who have space constraints. If you are looking to take the wine off from here now and then, for yourself, or when you have company coming over, this option is perfect. It is easy to grab a wine bottle, pop it into the fridge for chilling and pour a glass when required.

Some of these models also come with the option of storing wine glasses along with the wine bottle. This is such an exquisite piece of home decor and will leave your guests impressed!

But this rack is not suitable if you intend to store for a longer duration, because a tabletop cannot maintain the required temperature and humidity, and maybe even absence of light.

If you are serious about your wine collection, this option isn’t for you because you can only store a small number of bottles in a Tabletop rack.

Compact and attractive, tabletop racks can hold a case of wine.

Wall-mounted wine racks

Wall-mounted racks work perfectly for serious collectors with a large collection because you can store a large number of bottles, plus it’s a lot sturdier than tabletop racks. With a wall mount, it is possible to save a lot of space in your wine cellar/room too. You can store the wines for a longer duration as well.

However, if you are using wall-mounted racks in your kitchen as wall decor, you will run into problems with temperature, humidity and lighting. So, you cannot use the wines for aging purposes.

Another hitch you will run into with this option is the use of nails and screws to drill into the wall to put up the wall rack. Also, when you move houses, you will find it difficult to take it along with you to your new place.

Wall cabinets are perfect for displaying just a handful of your best collections.

Wine cabinet

If you are a moderate collector, or even if you have space constraints, a wine cabinet is an ideal choice for you. For one, these cabinets can hold a decent quantity of wine bottles, with space for storing wine glasses too. You can put these cabins anywhere you want. And because they have doors, you can store them longer without worrying about light exposure and climate control, which you don’t get with a wall-mounted rack or Countertop rack.

 If you are an earnest wine collector with an extensive collection, these cabinets may not be large enough for you. But if you have just begun, or have only a modest collection, then it is a wonderful choice. They may not work as decor, however.

Custom Wine Racks

If you are earnest about building a significant wine collection, then Custom Wine Racks are the best options for you. With this, you can personalize the type of wood, style and size of the racks and have them built in exactly the way you want it to be. You can then fit this in your wine cellar or wine room. You can build as many racks as you want, depending on how your collection journey is going to pan out.

A collection of your dreams is possible with the customized option! Keep in mind that this option is more expensive and time-consuming. However, they are a permanent solution for your wine storage conundrum.

Choosing the right style and material of rack is paramount. Customized wine cellars and wine rooms may not exactly be a wise investment if you are a rookie collector.

Custom racking is ideally suited for collectors who are looking to create a climate-controlled authentic wine cellar.

You can typically choose the materials, style, design and color of your customizable racks. The classic is, of course, wood. If you have a damp cellar, metal racks can come in handy as they provide resistance from high humidity. Metal racks are also very economical. Go for a plastic wine rack if you want a more modern look. Plastic wine holders can sit on the counter or any surface. Synthetic racks are light in weight and surprisingly sturdy. Even ceramic can be used in making these racks. They are porous and can withstand pressure. Racks made of natural black rock, masonry racks and cast stone made to resemble sandstone looks very rustic, decorative and impressive.

For some, the idea is to have an attractive rack to store a few wine bottles within arm’s reach at the kitchen counter so that it can be taken at whim. For others, the goal may be to create an impressive, climate-controlled wine cellar with thousands of bottles showcased that will be the pride of the owner and the envy of the visitors.

Finding the right wine rack as you can tell, is just as cumbersome, but interesting as finding the right wine. To make the process easier for you, we are going to be reviewing 5 amazing wine racks, each with its unique features. But then, we will also tell you where they fall short so that you get a thoroughly good idea of the rack that best suits your requirement.

Some of these racks can be purchased, taken out of the box and used right out of the box. Some others may require some installation effort from your end. So, grab a glass of wine as you browse through our top picks of racks at your disposal.

Take the plunge and discover which rack is made just for you!

The 5 Best Wine Racks

1. Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack

Sorbus Wall Mount Wine/Towel Rack (Holds 6 Bottles)

Let’s admit it. Nobody likes a cluttered kitchen. It is cumbersome to move around and get things done. This wall-mounted wine rack will be a great addition to your kitchen and saves counter space in your kitchen.

Standout Features:

  • Can hold 6 wine bottles.
  • It measures 16.5*2.56*2.07 inches.
  • It is made up of Iron.
  • Weighs 3.04 pounds.

✔️ Pros:

  • Little effort or tools are required to set it up.
  • It is light in weight but sturdy and durable.
  • It can hold up to 6 wine bottles.
  • You can also use it to store kitchen towels.
  • Wines can be stored for the long term because the bottles are kept horizontally, and the moisture of the cork is ensured.


  • The lower level screw is a bit too long

For the price, this small, but versatile piece is ideal for storing half a dozen wine bottles in either or both directions. You can even roll up kitchen towels and stack them compactly for a great look. You can keep adding in more racks as your wine collection starts expanding. Not only does it save some kitchen counter space, but it also makes your kitchen space look elegant and lovely. So, get this wall mount rack without further delay- it’s a great addition to your kitchen!

2. Sorbus Stackable Wine Rack

Sorbus 3-Tier Stackable Wine Rack - Round Classic Style Wine Racks for Bottles - Perfect for Bar, Wine Cellar, Basement, Cabinet, Pantry, etc - Hold 12 Bottles, Metal (Round Silver)

Sorbus Stackable Wine Rack is a three-tier stackable wine rack ideally suited for the novice and casual wine collectors. With this three-tiered rack, you can store up to a dozen wine bottles horizontally, which is how they are meant to be stored.

Standout Features:

  • 12 bottle storage capacity.
  • It measures 8*3.75*8 inches.
  • It weighs 1.65 pounds.
  • It is made of bamboo material.
  • Comes with scallop or wave-shaped shelves.

✔️ Pros:

  • It can hold up to a dozen bottles.
  • Can be used as a one-tier, two-tier or a three-tier rack.
  • Very easy to set up. No assembly or tools required.
  • Elegant and sleek, it can be used as a stylish accent to the kitchen, pantry, dining room or wine cellar.
  • Sturdy construction prevents wobbling, tilting or falling.
  • The stackable and detachable nature means you can stack additional layers.


  • Build quality and durability is a tad uncertain, with some users experiencing collapse as wine bottles were added.

This is one of the more affordable options available on the market. With a capacity to store up to 12 bottles in its triple-tiered system, it is ideal for beginners and serious wine collectors alike. This is because more layers can be stacked up as your collection begins to grow over time. Also, triple-layered stacks give you a better storage system to organize your bottles the way you want to.

3. mDesign Free-Standing Water Bottle and Wine Rack

mDesign Plastic Free-Standing Water Bottle Organization and Wine Rack Storage Organizer for Kitchen Countertops, Cabinet, Bin, Pantry, Fridge, 2 Tiers, 6 Bottles, Lumiere Collection - White

Functional, budget-friendly and multifaceted, this sleek and compact Countertop rack gives you the option of storing up to half a dozen bottles. The 2 level storage for 6 bottles looks super elegant and stylish. Clear up some kitchen counter space by using this rack.

The bottles can be housed in separate horizontal compartments. So if you have only a small wine collection, store them in this nifty rack and grab a bottle when needed.

Standout Features:

  • It measures 7.75*11*5.75 inches.
  • It weighs 1.23 pounds.
  • It can hold 6 bottles.
  • Multifaceted, which means you can use it to store wine bottles, soda and water bottles etc.
  • Has 2 levels of storage

✔️ Pros:

  • Saves kitchen counter space.
  • Looks stylish and elegant.
  • It is made of durable BPA and Chlorine free shatter-resistant plastic.
  • Easy to care and maintain. Just clean with mild soap and water.
  • Easily portable.


  • May fit only standard-sized wine and other bottles. May not fit larger than normal sized bottles.

If you are someone who is looking for functionality and even aesthetics, then go for this option. Not only does it save kitchen counter space, but it also looks lovely, and you can identify what wine you want and quickly grab it when you want to drink. This rack is easy to set up and maintain.

4. Oceanstar Wine Rack

Oceanstar 12-Bottle Bamboo Wine Rack, Dark Espresso

Oceanstar Wine Rack is ideal if you are a rookie beginning the wine collection journey. With this rack, up to a dozen wines can be stored horizontally. The design of this rack is the most unique of all the ones that we have reviewed. 

The curved design of the panels gives you maximum storage space while preventing bottles from rolling over and down.

Standout Features:

  • Holds 12 bottles
  • It weighs 2 pounds
  • It measures 15.75*5.75*11.75 inches.
  • It is made of bamboo material.
  • It is designed in the form of curved panels.

✔️ Pros:

  • It saves kitchen counter space
  • Unique design makes it an ideal home decor and gift to a wine connoisseur.
  • Minimal assembly required.
  • Easily portable.
  • Efficient storage.


  • Few users reported difficulty with assembly because the parts don’t fit well together.
  • Cannot add more layers as your wine collection increases.

If you have a modest collection of wines and are looking for a Countertop that looks unique but also does its job well, then buy the Oceanstar rack. With the ability to store 12 bottles, it is a great complement to your kitchen decor. It is super easy to clean and maintain too. All you need to do is wipe it with a clean cloth to keep it looking impeccable and spotless. The curved design of the panel shelves not only look quirky, but it also ensures maximum and efficient storage and prevents the wine bottles from rolling over.

5. Mango Steam 32-Bottle Wine Rack

This rack can store the most number of bottles of all the racks we have reviewed. It is also the most expensive on the list, but it is worth the money you spend. If you have a mid-sized collection of wine bottles that you want to show off and also organize effectively so that you can pick one off when you are ready to drink, Mango should be your pick. Plus, it saves hell a lot of space!

With this rack, you can comfortably store 32 bottles of pinot noir and chardonnay. If you want to store bigger bottles, you can store only less of them. Immaculate design and placement and angle of bottles ensure the wine is in constant contact with the cork ensuring/ So, no air gets into the bottle and the taste of your wine is intact! The overall finish is immaculate with no visible screws.

A black glass top shelf provides you with a convenient base to open and pour your wine. You can also store more bottles and other handy wine accessories over it!

Standout Features:

  • Can hold 32-750 ml bottles
  • Made of steel, with durable powder coating
  • Measures 21*9*7 inches
  • Features floor levelers for stability
  • Can be assembled in 4 steps
  • Openwork design
  • The thick frame which ensures stability and durability
  • Has a black tempered glass top for a solid finish and storing more bottles or wine accessories.

✔️ Pros:

  • It is stable and durable
  • Can hold a whopping 32 bottles and even more on the tempered glass top.
  • Neat finish with no visible screws.
  • High quality, adjustable and hidden Floor levelers provide added safety.
  • Can be fit under most cabinets.
  • Can be put together very easily in under 10 minutes.


  • Wine bottles tend to lean forward slightly, instead of sitting back horizontally, looking like they are about to fall off!

Mango Steam can store up to 32 regular-sized wine bottles in its openwork design. A black glass top shelf lends a solid finish and provides the perfect place to store wine glasses, corkscrews, and even more bottles if required! Steel construction and durable powder coating lend structure and sturdiness to the rack. The bottles can be arranged in a way that the corks always remain in contact with the wine in the bottle. This not only prevents the wine from drying but also preserves the taste!


You may be an occasional drinker of wine or someone who either drinks regularly or entertains guests for parties at home and wine tastings. You may have just started collecting wines, or you may be a wine snob or a wine connoisseur who wants to display thousands of bottles in a wine cellar.

While choosing a wine rack, apart from the number of bottles you intend to store, budget, and space, you also need to make sure the wine rack you buy can actually store the number of bottles it advertises it can, and that it is sturdy and durable. The position at which the bottles rest in the rack is also an important consideration because the horizontal position is best for protection and aging. Vertical positioning, on the other hand, looks more appealing and decorative.

You don’t need extensive knowledge or be a wine expert to curate a wine collection for your home. Depending on your requirement and your wine collection, a little information and research and you are well on your way to curating the collection you have always longed for!

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