Virgin Bourbon 7 Year 101 Review

Virgin bourbon review

If you are an avid and massive fan of bourbon and whiskeys, you must have heard about the Virgin Bourbon. This classic and smooth drink is made with the best sour mash and is distilled and kept at Kentucky’s foothills. However, if you are not yet familiar with the Virgin Bourbon, this article will let you know some basic facts about it.

Where is the Virgin Bourbon distilled?

The Virgin Bourbon is mainly sourced from Heaven Hill. The distillery company is called Meadowlawn Distilling. For many years, they have produced the best quality bourbons, most specifically the Virgin Bourbon.

An overview of Virgin Bourbon’s history

While many are entirely unfamiliar with the Virgin Bourbon, it is considered one of the best types of bourbons across the world. It is popular because of the smoothness of the liquor that lingers in the drinker’s mouth. 

When Virgin Bourbon is made, it has an aging life of seven years. During that time, the bourbons are kept to safety and checked from time to time. The Virgin Bourbon is most prominent and aged in Bourbon, Kentucky, in the USA. 

The composition of this liquor is made of corn (78%), rye (10%), and malted barley (12%). It also contains about 50.5% alcohol content, which makes it a strong liquor to drink. If you are a hard bourbon drinker, and you are looking for a smooth yet hard-hitting drink to enjoy, you must try Virgin Bourbon. 

The color of the Virgin Bourbon is also distinct from other bourbons in the market. There are bourbon types that have a light color. Some have darker colors. For the Virgin Bourbon, it acquires a 1.5 to 2.0 on the color chart, which is similar to an auburn or mahogany shade. 

Another thing about Virgin Bourbon is it is charcoal activated and filtered. Only rare liquors are charcoal filtered, and which makes Virgin Bourbon a unique kind of alcohol. Before, the Virgin Bourbon is widely marketed in the United States, but now the liquor is mostly exported in different countries. 

However, you can still find this exquisite bourbon in some parts of the country, especially in the southern area. But, as years go by, the norm of buying Virgin Bourbon is slowly becoming unpopular. Thus, making the liquor quite rare to find in liquor shops.

How the Virgin Bourbon is bottled

When compared to Evan Williams 1783, the Virgin Bourbon is just aged a bit longer compared to the former. Each bottle of Virgin Bourbon is also bottled to perfection and has a higher proof. Moreover, it is also priced under $20, making it a cheap deal for a classic bourbon.

How to age Virgin Bourbon

Virgin Bourbon has an aging frame of seven years. In that long period, the liquor is aged in charred oak containers. These charred oak containers should always be new and clean since they will be stored for a long time. 

Characteristics of Virgin Bourbon

There are tons of distinct characteristics that one bourbon expert can tell about the Virgin Bourbon. The liquor differs in terms of smell, and its taste and aftertaste. Here are some things that you should expect when tasting a Virgin Bourbon.


When you open a bottle of Virgin Bourbon, you will be astounded by the smell of the liquor. The scent of the alcohol will genuinely make your noses think it is a great liquor to drink. The scent is mostly described as a mixture of honey, maple syrup, brown sugar, cherry, apples, and buttercream.

There is also a hint of nuttiness that the drink possesses, and it is what Heaven Hill is known to when it comes to the liquor they are brewing. Hence, you will know it is sourced and distilled from Heaven Hill whenever you open a Virgin Bourbon.

When you smell the bourbon intently, allowing more time to examine the liquor, you will also get a hint of clove and cinnamon. A fresh touch of corn kernels also adds to the smell of the alcohol. The heat and sensation are somehow calm, especially when you take time to sniff the bourbon.

The longer you sniff the Virgin Bourbon, the more scents you discover in it. In a few minutes, you will also get to smell eucalyptus, anise, and strong alcohol. Another factor as to why the Virgin Bourbon has a distinct smell is the charred oak containers. Since it was aged in for seven years, the oak’s elements can also affect the bourbon’s taste.

Overall, the Virgin Bourbon smells very sweet. The scent of vanilla and brown sugar is more dominant than the others. It is also the first thing to come to your mind when you open the bourbon’s cap. 

Taste and Aftertaste

When you first take a sip of the Virgin Bourbon, you will immediately taste sweetness. A combination of honey, brown sugar and the taste of orange peels will scatter on your tastebuds. You will also get to taste a hint of oak, cinnamon, and dark chocolate.

As mentioned, when you smell the Virgin Bourbon, you can already sense sweetness. However, it is more than just the sweetness of the bourbon. You will also feel that the liquor’s texture is full and rich. 

Therefore, aside from the sweetness of the Virgin Bourbon, it also comes with a bit of spice. The oak, cinnamon, and clove have a very distinct taste that kicks right in when you swallow the liquor. It is quite delicious as well, and it is not as strong as you might think it is. 

Other liquor experts would compare the Virgin Bourbon with the Stagg Jr. because of the spicy kick. However, they would say that the Stagg Jr. is way spicier and sweeter than the Virgin Bourbon. Once the bourbon is already down your throat, the alcohol will fade, and the taste will turn bitter like cocoa, anise, and oak.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Virgin Bourbon is genuinely a classic liquor to drink on any occasion. It is also among the cheapest yet most delicious bourbon across the world. Treat and indulge yourself with a below $20 liquor like the Virgin Bourbon today.