About Us

I’m a bar kinda guy. The dimly lit, smoke in my burning eyes, feeling peanuts crunching under my leathers kinda vibe as I sip on the latest craft… yeah, that’s my scene.

The problem not one website dedicated to the scene exists anywhere on earth. That’s right. Nowhere.

My mission is to change that.

So, I assembled a team of fellow bar hoppers and off we went into cyberspace to review the best bars across our great nation to provide you, dear reader, with the most bad ass guides to bars, tiki bars, spirits, bartending, and more!

It is my hope the bars will be able to open up soon once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted after the virus subsides, be it from a vaccine being introduced or infection rates subside for other reasons. We all need our social outlets and bars are a much need part of our society and economy.

Thank you very much for visiting our little corner of the web. We have big plans and cannot make it without you.

Remember the rules of the road: always have a designated driver, drink responsibly, and of course, have a great time.

~ Josh