10 Best Bars in Long Beach, California

Best Bars in Long Beach

Long Beach is known for its waterfront attractions. Whether you want to go for a drink during the day, watching the water views or an intimate joint to drink the best dram on offer, Long Beach has plenty of options for every requirement.

Not only is the city renowned for contemporary art, but the art of drinking itself runs deep with some great, versatile bars all around the city.

Choosing one can be difficult as the place is vast, and you don’t want to go barhopping in search of a great watering hole. This guide is put together to offer you the best of the drinking scene at Long Beach.

Saint & Second

A rich pedigree with numerous drinking options

This place has a rich history and is family-owned. It’s been running for 6 decades now! There are hundreds of whiskies curated by in-house mixologists and organic cocktails that will delight your palate.

The spirits are sourced from artisan distillers and love for their craft is evident in every sip you take. The whisky, wine, draft and specialty cocktail offerings are simply endless!

The food is great too and so is the service and ambience. The place is equipped with outdoor seating and the rooftop lounge offers a great view and is very enjoyable, particularly during fine weather.

4828 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 433-4828

The Hawk

An eclectic and dive bar with a surprise resident celebrity

The Hawk offers a fine array of Whiskeys, Tequila, and Mezcal. They have some good beer as well- 8 on draft that rotate and 20 cans and bottles. The ambience is hipster and trendy.

Jameson is the resident cat, and quite the celebrity. If you are lucky enough, and love cats, maybe you can try petting him! There are other fun activities on offer like photo booths and billiards. Be sure to drop in during happy hours when they have some amazing offer on drinks.
Check this place out next time you head out for a drink for the retro style, upscale ambience, and solid cocktails.

468 W Anaheim St
Long Beach, CA 90813
(562) 337-8373

ReMix Kitchen Bar

A wonderful fusion of tastes and flavor

This place offers a wonderful drink and dining experience, unlike anything you would have ever experienced. The place offers beer selection on rotating, so something unique is on the cards during each visit. Craft cocktails and wine selections by both glass and bottle are on offer.

The food is impressive and chef-inspired; the Filipino twist on classic dishes gives it an edge and makes for a great dining experience. The whole atmosphere is casual and relaxed. It is a good place to bring your kids and fur babies too! All round enjoyment for family, friends or couples–guaranteed.

Outdoor seating options are available, and you can enjoy the beautiful and soothing breeze as you wait for your food or drink. Each food option will be better than the next.

3860 Worsham Ave
Long Beach, CA 90846

The Grasshopper

A vintage bar with fresh cocktails and cold beer

The outside of the bar may be simplistic, but the inside is decorated with great taste and is very sophisticated. The place has ample bar seating’s and plush, comfortable booths. The sparkling ceiling and deep gold walls just add on to the appealing décor and glam.

Their cocktail menu is vintage, and the names of the drinks are named after insects. You may find the name “Mosquito” unappetizing, but do not let the name hold you back; it tastes great! The music is good to listen to as well.

If for nothing else, you must pay this place a visit just for the unique vibes of the 50’s and 60’s.

136 E Anaheim St
Long Beach, CA 90813
(562) 435-4677


Everything you want in a bar and more

Elinor is a secret, hidden gem of Long Beach. They specialize in wine, craft beer, cider and hard kombucha along with non-alcoholic drinks. There’s everything you want in a bar — great beverages, comfortable ambience, attentive service and board games and a pool table as well for your entertainment.

The place is great to go along with friends and groove to the live music played on most nights, play pool (for free!) or board games. There is an art gallery upstairs that showcases some unique pieces of local artists that are well worth exploring.

250 N Tribune Ct
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 584-6233

The Bamboo Club

A True Tiki Experience

The joint offers classic cocktails along with uniquely crafted cocktails by their seasoned bartenders. There is a small, select range of beers in offer if you are into that. The rum-based drinks are sweet, fruity, and refreshing.

The music they play is wide-ranging and so are the tiki options. Dark, intimate, cool, and super fun dioramas make this place extremely appealing if you want to try out something new. Outdoor patio is available too.

3522 E Anaheim St
Long Beach, CA 90804
(562) 343-2534

Mezcalero Long Beach

Trendy place with a cool vibe

This is a lovely rooftop lounge and craft bar, with plenty of agave spirits on offer as well. The place is super trendy and hip and ideal if hanging out as a group and sharing some drinks.

The outdoor seating is spacious and comfortable. If you’re looking for a cute little place with a chill vibe, that serves great drinks, good food and is dog friendly as well, then this is it. The staff are attentive, caring, and friendly.

They house a pretty great DJ and you can enjoy some great music while you’re here. The drinks are strong, delicious, and well-balanced.

525 E Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 612-4951

The 908

Perfectly eclectic bar

You will love the ambience of the place. There are spacious accommodations along with seating’s at the bar and counter tops. You can expect a great variety of beer, wine, and spirits. The ambience is fresh and contemporary, and totally relaxing.

It is a great place for kids and dogs as well. The food is amazing, with a lot of vegetarian options. The patio can be a very enjoyable place during a warm afternoon or evening.

3850 Worsham Ave
Ste 410
Long Beach, CA 90808

The Blind Donkey

Wonderful mix of speakeasy and Dive Bar

This cool place has an extensive whiskey list, of local and international repute, to satisfy every Whiskey lover. But that is not all. They also serve craft cocktails, and a small select list of draft beer and wine. You cannot go wrong with any drink here- they are all tasty and strong.

Located in the basement, it has many activities that are fun and entertaining- like photo booth, karaoke, darts and shuffleboard. Dive into the massive whiskey stock on offer and then perhaps you can amble over to the photobooth or perhaps a game of pool.

149 Linden Ave
Ste B100
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 247-1511

The Exhibition Room

Old school Speakeasy inside a Dive Bar

Secret entrance, password, dress code, reservations- it may all seem like too much ado, but it is worth it. When you step in, you feel like you are transported to a different time and place. The craft cocktails are ingenious and well-crafted, and the chief attraction. The cocktails are perfectly smooth and strong. The Whiskey list is rather extensive as well.

The ambience is highly classy, and the decor is fancy and sophisticated. It may take some time for your drink to be delivered, but the wait will be well worth it! To top it all, there are some great live bass brands and piano background music.

1117 E Wardlow Rd
Long Beach, CA 90807
(562) 826-2940