Alize – A Complete Range of Cognac

Alize alcohol - a complete cognac

Alize is a range of alcoholic drinks. It is a liquor produced by blending French Cognac, passion fruit juice along with various exotic fruit juices. Alize line of liqueurs has the delicious and fascinating blend of completely natural passion fruit and premium French vodka.

After this, exotic fruit flavors from around the world including the Brazilian jungles, Chile hillsides, the Mediterranean coast, South American tropical shores, the Pacific Islands and the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa to extract the nectar of exotic fruits. These are then infused in the all-natural flavor combinations to create a refreshing and unique drink in each bottle.

Alize line of liqueurs consists of 8 vodka-based drinks, all of which have 16% alcohol and .32-proof expression.

  1. Gold Passion
  2. Red Passion
  3. Bleu Passion
  4. Pink Passion
  5. Peach
  6. Apple
  7. Pineapple
  8. Mango

Alize, which translates to “gentle trade winds” in French, was launched by Kobrand in the year 1984 in France. It was targeted at middle-aged American women in their 40’s and 50’s because it can be consumed neat – just pour it into a glass, throw a few rocks of ice in it and sip away! But it didn’t really soar to popularity till the price range was reduced.

“I made the change from a common thief

To up close and personal with Robin Leach

And I’m far from cheap,

I smoke skunk with my peeps all-day

Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way,

The Moet and Alize keep me pissy

Girls used to diss me

Now they write letters cause they miss me..”

This is a popular song, “The Thug passion”, written by American rap sensation, Tupac Shakur, which mentions the Alize drink. It has appeared in many other music videos thereafter.

It can be imbibed neat or the various flavors can be used to whip up a range of different flavored and delicious cocktails. It can also be mixed with vodka, tequila, champagne or rum. It can also be included in mimosas, margaritas and martinis to create unique combinations and drinks.

Let us see what each flavor of Alize looks and tastes like.

1. Alize Gold Passion

Alize Gold Passion or the “Original Alize” was introduced in 1986. It has a bright and sunny hue. The intensely flavored passion fruit is delicately blended with premium French Vodka to create Alize Gold Passion. It is full of the sweetness and vivid flavor of passion fruit and is exceptionally smooth.

You can sip this on the rocks, or in cocktails like the Golden Margarita, Golden Sunrise or French Passion. Enjoy sunshine in your glass with Alize Gold Passion! Strawberry Passion Batida is another lush and delicious cocktail that you can whip up with Alize Gold Passion.

2. Alize Red Passion

Alize Red Passion was introduced in the year 1988. It has an opaque, milky scarlet red hue. It is prepared by the fusion of fresh and tangy cranberries, ripe and sweet passion fruit with premium French Vodka. The resulting liquor is luscious and well-balanced, with the sweetness and alluring flavor of the exotic passion fruit and tartness and tanginess of the fresh cranberries.

This attractive fruit liquor finishes with a refreshing and vibrant fruity fade. This can be savored on the rocks, or in colorful cocktails like Party Crasher, Cherry Passion or Rosemary’s Garden.

3. Alize Bleu Passion

Alize Bleu Passion was introduced in the year 2004. It is a combination of delectable passion fruit nectar, fresh cherries, a hint of ginger with Premium French Vodka. This unique combination results in a bold and full-bodied liquor, that is smooth, delectably sweet on the palate, and bursting with flavors of vivid passion fruit, fresh ripe cherries and a just a hint of ginger spice.

Alize Bleu Passion’s distinct and delicious flavors can be enjoyed on the rocks or in lovely blue colored cocktails like Bleu Royal and Bleu Breeze. Emerald Isle is a wonderful cocktail that you can whip up and enjoy with Alize Bleu Passion.

4. Alize Pink Passion

Alize Pink Passion is the lovely mixture of vivid passion fruit, lychee and strawberry essence blended delicately with Premium French Vodka. It is a smooth full-bodied liquor that is favorably sweet to taste.

Alize Pink Passion can be enjoyed on the rocks or with premium spirits, fresh mixers and juices of your choice. The glamour girl is a vibrant and refreshingly delicious cocktail that you can prepare with Alize Pink Passion.

5. Alize Peach

Alize Peach is a very unique and inviting drink that you have to try for its sweetness and distinct flavors. It is made by delicately infusing luscious peaches with Premium French Vodka. The result is a smooth and full-bodied liquor that is enchanting and succulently sweet on the tongue.

You can enjoy this liquor on the rock or with your favorite spirits like vodka and gin. Bellini is a nice and delicious cocktail that you can make with Alize Peach. Or enjoy the Alize Peach Sangria which is just as good!

6. Alize Apple

This drink looks so delicious and inviting that you would just want to grab it, pour it into a glass, throw a few ice cubes in and sip away! This drink is a luscious infusion of ripe and delicious apples delicately blended with premium French Vodka.

You can savor this lovely and colorful liquor on the rocks or in premium spirits, fresh juices and mixers. Appletini or Apple Fizz are some tasty and refreshing drinks that you can whip up with Apple Alize liqueur.

7. Alize Pineapple

Absolutely quirky and enticing, Alize Pineapple was introduced in 2019. This beloved liquor is the perfect summer twist and is prepared by the tropical infusion of ripe pineapple and passion fruit exquisitely blended with premium French Vodka. It is a full-bodied liquor that is smooth and deliciously sweet on the palate.

You can sip on this alluring drink on the rocks or with premium spirits you love, or with fresh juices and mixers. The Trick of the Light is a lovely and colorful cocktail that you can make using Alize Pineapple.

8. Alize Mango

Alluringly unique and deliciously inviting, Alize Mango was introduced in 2020. This liquor is a mouth-watering infusion of tropical mango and passion fruit that is delicately blended with premium French Vodka. This drink has the vivid passion fruit flavor as well as the delicious fruity flavor of ripe tropical mangoes. A full-bodied liquor, it is smooth and wonderfully sweet on the palate.

You can savor this delectable drink on the rocks or with premium spirits of your choice, or with fresh juices and mixers. Whip up a sunny and tasty Mangopolitan in no time with Mango Alize.