Tarantula Alcohol Review

Review of Tarantula alcohol products

The whole world owes Mexico for introducing one of the best alcoholic drinks in the world: the tequila. Tequilas are among the best. transparent liquors in the world. It is usually paired with slices of lemon and salt.

If tequila is your favorite drink, then you have come to the right place. There are tons of tequila brands in the world, but among the best-rated ones is the Tarantula tequila. There are different variations of tequila that Tarantula offers, such as 100 Silver, and Azul, and you will know everything about it in this article. 

What is Tarantula Tequila?

Tarantula is a brand that offers one of the best tequilas in the world. This tequila brand originated and is made from Mexico, which is the city of tequila. There are tons of tequila types in the market, such as silver and colored tequilas, and Tarantula offers both.

Among their best-selling tequilas are the Tarantula 100 Silver and the Tarantula Azul Tequila. Many people love Tarantula tequila because of its perfect blend of tradition and modern way of making tequila. The liquor is still made and brewed in copper through modern and technological ways, but the agave is roasted in traditional brick ovens. 

Types of Tarantula Tequila

As mentioned, there are two best-selling types of Tarantula tequila. One is the Tarantula Original Azul Tequila, and the other is Tarantula 100 Silver. The two are distinct in terms of taste and how it is made, and here things that you should know about the two Tarantula types.

Tarantula Original Azul Tequila

This Tarantula tequila is the least favorite of many, but it is something that Tarantula offers that makes tequila known for another thing. This tequila is known to be a tequila for women. It is mild, and it does not hit that much to start with. If you think you are a pro at tequila drinking, this tequila is not that heavy in the head.

In terms of taste, the Tarantula Azul has a very interesting taste. When you first take a shot of this liquor, you will taste a bit of sweetness in the mouth. A lot of people would associate it with the taste of honey, but as it stays in your mouth, it gives out a citrusy flavor that bursts. 

When the citrus taste bursts in your mouth, you will feel a slight kick and hear. Just like other tequilas in the market, the Tarantula Azul will also cause a quick burn in your mouth, slowly going down your throat. For a some people, they would like this burning sensation. 

However, if you are one who likes to take sips from time to time, the Tarantula Azul is not an option for you. This tequila should be drank quickly, because if you take it slow, the burning sensation will hurt in your mouth. The Tarantula Azul is best to take for fast shots. 

Also, if you think you can’t handle the heat that the Tarantula Azul gives, you can always mix it with something else. A good option would be mixing it with colorless soda, like Sprite. You can also mix other beverages such as colored juices or fruits. 

The Tarantula Azul is 70-proof when it comes to alcohol level. It is not as strong as other tequilas in the market, but when you are all hyped up for a party and take too many shots of this liquor, you could get drunk. According to many people who have tried Tarantul Azul, it tasted more like an energy drink with a hint of alcohol.

However, the Tarantula Azul can still be a great tequila to drink. If you are looking for starters, then this liquor is a great choice to start with. If you are just looking for a casual tequila drink and you are not planning on getting drunk, Tarantula Azul is the best choice.

The price of the Tarantula Azul differs depending on where you bought it. To some cities, you can buy a botthe of the Tarantula Azul for $26. There are also shops that offer it in a lower price, and you can buy one as low as $17. 

Tarantula 100 Silver Tequila

When it comes to the tatse, the Tarantula 100 Silver tequila is just a little bit above average. You won’t be able to determine the taste or hit of the tequila at first, hence, you need to take more shots for you to feel and taste something. Taking a shot of the Tarantula 100 will leave you in spinning wheels.

There is that normal tequila kick when you take a shot of the Tarantula 100 Silver, but it’s is not enough for one to enjoy the drink at first shot. However, the taste is not as offensive as you expect it to be. Thus, it is a little above average compared to other tequilas in the market.

As for the aftertaste, the liquor offers a familiar taste. It is almost as similar to mixing gin and tequila together. The taste is somehow botanical, and you don’t seem to catch some agave hint to it. 

The Tarantula 100 Silver tequila’s burning sensation can be rated 7.5 out of 10. It is not that tough in the mouth as well. The texture of the burn and heat is smoother than other tequilas, and it also provides a warm feeling once its down in your throat. 

When it comes to the aroma, the Tarantula 100 Silver is not also that strong. Tequilas are known to have a very strong and distinct aroma, and so as other spirits like vodka. This tequila has somehow a sweet scent, and it focuses less than the agave which is the main ingredient of any tequila. 

Final Thoughts

The Tarantula tequila, whether you choose the Tarantula Azul or Tarantula 100 Silver, is not somehow a great tequila, but it is not something to overlook as well. This type of tequila is distinct from the others because it is more mild and easy on the throat. If you are looking for a tequila that you can mix in with other spirits and drinks, the Tarantula will surely make a great liquor base.