Best Tiki Bars in San Antonio

Best Tiki Bars in San Antonio

What’s with San Antonio? Well, like any other city, San Antonio has a fair share of different sceneries & cool destinations for tourists and locals.

One of those few cool places is the bars and restaurants that I’m pretty sure people are looking for after spending the whole day strolling in different locations. It’s the nighttime, bitches! Party time!

Now here are some of the top bars we’ve carefully picked out just for you! 🙂

1. Margaritaville San Antonio

A chain venue that offers an upbeat atmosphere for a range of cocktails & a classic comfort food menu!

Let’s kickstart this list with this awesome place called Margaritaville. 

From the name itself, you would feel at home if you’re a margarita freak. Oh, and did you know that they have literally PLENTY of branches all over the country? Yep.

Which makes them one of the most trusted restaurants if you ever want something to savor up, may it be a drink or a bite. They’re open every day of the week from 11 AM. You should check them out! 🙂

849 E-Commerce St
San Antonio, TX 78205
United States
(210) 973-5911

2. Jet-Setter

A sophisticated cocktail lounge that offers daily happy hours & space with mid-century style!

Founded just roughly a year ago, Jet-Setter has already been setting the bar high for cocktail-loving peeps in the city!

Grab a stool by the bar and sip some goodness that bartenders make professionally!

As of the moment, they’re open 7 days a week from 4 PM till 7 PM, so if I were you, lift your butt up and hurry before the doors close! LOL

Reach them here:

229 E Houston St #10
San Antonio, TX 78205
United States
(210) 272-0457 (their official website is still building up, but you can send them a message directly on Facebook or you can shoot them an email here:

3. The Cross-Eyed Seagull

A nautical-themed setting for seafood & beachy drinks, morphing into a nightclub by late evening!

With new owners around, many customers have been fully hopeful for the possibility of turning the place back to its successful chapter!

The place may STILL haven’t made it to the top of the podium yet, but I’m sure they will eventually get back on their feet with the help of the people who believe in them and the service they provide! You would be able to help them pick up the missing pieces if you go & check them out if you can! 🙂

19141 Stone Oak Pkwy # 206
San Antonio, TX 78258
United States
(210) 545-3440

4. The Modernist

Midcentury-inspired cocktail bar offering custom & classic formulations in swank, modish digs!

The Modernist is a ‘60s-themed cocktail bar located in Grayson Street. They feature the era of the ‘60s with just the right amount of decor, menu, and outdoor trailer bar to perfectly match the theme they were aiming for.

The interior has an intimate & upscale feel. Just EVERYTHING about this place is a tribute to the ‘60s.

Customers who often hang out at The Modernist swear that this place is legit one of the best bars in San Antonio. I couldn’t agree more. Hang out! The door opens at 5:15 PM. 🙂

516 E Grayson St
San Antonio, TX 78215
United States
(210) 901-8646

5. Thirsty Aztec

An easygoing hangout that offers drinks-to-go, including Mexican beers & capricious frozen margaritas!

Don’t you just love strolling someplace relaxing while drinking an ice-cold beer or something?

Thirsty Aztec provides JUST THAT! You can go and grab a drink or two and then go walk around the area for an even more refreshment (both physically & the soul). They offer frozen drinks, micheladas, beers, and margaritas. Your call!

Maybe stop by and grab something to accompany you while you explore the Riverwalk? 😉

200 River Walk St
San Antonio, TX 78205
United States
(210) 580-4844 

6. The Divide

A new food truck park to check out for a wide variety of food & booze cravings!

The Divide is a NEW local family-owned business that started as a renovation project. For the walls, they use repurposing materials such as doors & license plates. That is just cool, and unique. 

The place has an indoor and outdoor venue that you can dine at depends on your preference. They are new to the business, but it has a lot of possibilities and potential, so if you have the means & the time, come check them out! Be one of the first ones to ever experience the goodness! 🙂

21880 Babcock Rd
San Antonio, TX 78255
United States
(726) 200-2735 

7. 7 Sky Bar & Lounge

A Hookah bar!

This brand new bar offers a service of hookah or a tobacco pipe for those who want to experience the thing.

They also provide lots of fun, to begin with, such as a karaoke night Sundays & happy hours.  Apart from the booze, the interior of the place keeps the environment & the vibes even more inviting.

Check them out, maybe? There are tons of hookah flavors, too, just so you know. 😉

3724 Northwest Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78229
United States
(210) 440-8875 

8. Baja BBQ Shack (bonus place!)

A laid-back Mexican-American BBQ restaurant & bar boasting an open-air deck facing a marina!

Now let’s move a little closer to Canyon Lake. I know I said this list is all about the bars that can be found in San Antonio, but come on, don’t you wanna know what else is out there?

Anyhoo… Baja BBQ Shack is a breezy, shaded deck overlooking Canyon Lake Marina. They have friendly staff and a tasty BBQ (sandwiches & whatnot) to-die-for! Well, it’s what the place is about, yes?

What’s even more positively overwhelming is that you can savor these bites alongside beers best served cold all while lakeside dining! What’s not to love, really?

280 Marina
Canyon Lake, TX 78133
United States
(830) 935-3122

I guess that’s all I’ve got for you. San Antonio has wrapped up a few great places which are all that I’ve listed above. I will add some more if new ones open up soon! 🙂 For now, you should go and see if you find something you’ll love from this list. Looking forward to your wild & tipsy nights! 😉


Well, hey there! It’s Meg! I love writing for BarPx, because who doesn’t like the task of hunting for different booze cubby holes, am I right? I loooove my job! My favourite liquid refreshment besides water & coconut water (hehe) is probably some light vodka drinks, and maybe a little bit of beer. I have low alcohol tolerance, no shit, but here I am. Cheers! X

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