10 Best Cocktail Glasses of All Time

Best Cocktail Glasses
Best Cocktail Glasses

Want to shine as a mixologist at home? There is more to this than just whipping up a well-balanced drink that tastes absolutely gorgeous. The drinks must also be served in the right drinkware that makes the whole experience of drinking that much more enjoyable. There are specific drinks that taste best when imbibed in a specific glass.

There are certain things which take the drinking experience from good to great. The visual appeal of a drink, what it looks like in a glass, does matter to those who look for all the nuances that go into their drinking experience. A cocktail paired in the right classic glass elevates the look and feel and can bring the bar experience right to your home!

Whether you are savoring a solo cocktail after a long tiring day at work or entertaining a large group of friends, you cannot go wrong with this glassware. These are the best cocktail glasses for all your drinking needs. So go ahead, whip up your favorite cocktail and enjoy it in one of these awesome cocktail glasses!

10 Best Cocktail Glasses

Libbey Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses

Martinis are some of the most sophisticated of the cocktails, and they deserve to be served in classy drinkware. Libby Cosmopolitan Martini glasses are small, cute and classy. The shape is classic stemless, perfect for serving your favorite cocktail! And the best part? It is durable and safe. It makes for a great gift to a passionate cocktail drinker or for gifting on occasions like housewarming functions and wedding registries. Or, even better? It looks so good that you could gift them yourself.

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Traditionally, Moscow Mules are served in copper mugs. This is to retain the freshness and chillness of the cocktails. Because, let’s admit, cocktails that are cold and refreshing taste heavenly! These are hand-crafted with genuine hand-hammered detailing, and you can buy it just for the decor!  Great to look at, this set of 4 copper mugs will instantly stand out in your kitchen and make your cocktail taste much more delicious. Or at least, that is what Moscow Mule aficionados will have you believe!

Joy Jolt Declan Coffee Mug

Coffee cocktails are best had in coffee glass mugs. You can have your morning cuppa in ceramic mugs and coffee cocktails in these coffee glass cocktail drinkware. Your coffee cocktails taste that much more special! The handle is super comfortable and keeps your fingers while drinking and it has a stem for easy handling. It can handle any coffee cocktail, whether it is hot or cold. It is lightweight and incredibly satisfying to drink your coffee cocktail out of!

Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass

This is just a perfect all-round glass. If you like to take a look at what you are drinking, then go for Glencairn! The flavor of your favorite cocktail will just be intensified manifold because of the smallmouth and tulip shape of the glass. Designated for whiskeys, you can also enjoy cocktails and other spirits in this versatile glass. So give your glass a little swirl and sip away to glory!

Whiskey Glasses-Premium 11 oz Scotch Glasses

This is a stunning rock style, old-fashioned cocktail glass with an elegant, classic and timeless design. From classic to crafted and innovative, you can almost serve any cocktail you can dream of in these. Keep it against the light and it will sparkle like diamonds! It is very comfortable to handle and drink out of. Moreover, they are dishwasher safe, so they are perfect for everyday use. The glass can easily hold ice cubes without creating any mess.

Joy Jolt 4-Piece Afina Cocktail Glasses Set

This cocktail glass set looks modern and elegant with a heavy base and stemless construction that ensures stability. These 8-ounce glasses are perfect for mixed cocktails, martinis, and complex, layered liqueurs. Encased in a beautiful gift box, this makes for a beautiful and perfect gift.

Riedel Drink Specific Glassware Fizz Cocktail Glass

This is the best cocktail glass for fizzes. Its parallel shape makes it an ideal glass for drinking pillow-shaped head cocktails like Gin Sour. This unique cocktail glass was crafted by Reidel in partnership with Zane Harris- a spirits specialist.

The glasses are specially made to serve several varieties of cocktails, including, Manhattan, Sour, Buck, Peasant, Daiquiri, The Old Fashioned and Julep. Harris worked on details like size, shape, capacity for ice, volume and finally, came up with this complete glassware that is easy to grip and drink and avoid liquor from knocking over.

Dragon Glassware Martini Glasses

These glasses allow you to enjoy colder and fresher cocktails. The double-walled insulation will help retain the chillness of your cold cocktails so that you can enjoy your delicious cocktails, crisp and refreshing. The shape is ideal for chilling drinks and at 7 oz capacity, it is the ideal glassware for cocktails and other liquor. Enjoy sweet cocktails like never before! It is luxuriously packed in a gift box that is ready to present. So gift it away to a cocktail lover without second thoughts; they will love it!

Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses

These glasses are bright, crisp and clear to look at. They are carved from the best quality crystal, so it looks stunning and sparkling. You can serve cocktails, cognac, whisky or liquor in these glasses and leave your guests impressed with both the drinks and the glass it is housed in! The large 10 oz capacity is suitable for any drink while leaving plenty of room for ice as well.

The side walls are thick and the base is heavy, so it will insulate your drink at the temperature in which you set it in. It is packed in an elegant satin-lined padded presentation box, so it makes for an ideal gift for those who have a finer taste for things.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Cocktails and whiskeys are best enjoyed cold, but what if it gets watered down? That is an absolute no-no! The Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge will help you enjoy your drinks cold, without watering them down. The ice wedge provides a larger chilling surface, but with a limited surface area for less-diluted cold drinks. You can now relish your favorite drink down to the last drop and sit, be it a whiskey or cocktail. This is a superb gift for whiskey aficionados or cocktail lovers.

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